BU lecturer in ‘best thesis’ nomination

Sam Jamieson reports

Bournemouth University’s Dr Indrė Žliobaitė, Lecturer in Computational Intelligence in the School of Design, Engineering and Computing, was recently nominated for the prestigious title of ‘Best PhD Thesis in Lithuania’.

Dr Žliobaitė received the nomination within the ‘science’ category, whilst another award was given for humanities theses.

“My PhD thesis was in data mining fields. It focused on how to make prediction models adapt automatically to changing situations over time”

“Adaptive learning is relevant for many application fields including finance, marketing, inventory management, production control and planning, biomedicine, recommender systems, patient monitoring, navigation and more. My research focused on how to choose the relevant historical data to train predictors at any point in time”.

The awards ceremony took place in May at the Presidential Palace in Lithuania, where the President gave a speech and gave the awards. 5 nominees were nominated from each category. Although Dr Žliobaitė did not gain the ‘best thesis’ crown, she says the experience was unique and enjoyable.

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