Video introducing the BUDI Orchestra

A video showcasing the BUDI and BSO orchestra at their performance in June 2014


Living with Dementia in Dorset 

A video of people with dementia and carers talking about what it means to live well with dementia in Dorset. The video challenges potential gaps in perceptions and understanding about dementia, promoting an inclusive and supportive society for people affected by dementia. There is also a link to the attitudes to dementia survey (please click here to take part) which aims to look at people’s experience to establish whether watching this video has started to change or reinforce existing attitudes towards dementia issues. 

Would you like to become a Dementia Friend?

If so please contact one of our four Dementia Champions
Dr Michelle
Dr Ahmed Romouzy Ali  -

BUDI’s Mission Statement

We are committed to working with others to help create an inclusive and supportive society for people affected by dementia.  We will achieve this through the production of high quality research, evidence based education and staff development, knowledge translation through service evaluation and consultancy services .  We aim to work with all relevant stakeholders in the dementia field.

BUDI Welcomes

Sarah Noone, PhD Student

Events in 2015

BUDI Open Public Meeting
September 2015
Carer’s Forum

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Courses in 2015

Living well with dementia training. Click here for details
Technology and Dementia Masterclass.  Click here for details
MSc Applied Dementia Studies.  Click here for details
Subject to validation

Masterclasses coming soon in 2015Click here for details

Would you like to get involved with one of BUDI’s projects?

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database contact either by email or telephone or 01202 962771.

BUDI Vacancies

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