Living with Dementia in Dorset 

A video of people with dementia and carers talking about what it means to live well with dementia in Dorset. The video challenges potential gaps in perceptions and understanding about dementia, promoting an inclusive and supportive society for people affected by dementia. There is also a link to the attitudes to dementia survey (please click here to take part) which aims to look at people’s experience to establish whether watching this video has started to change or reinforce existing attitudes towards dementia issues.


NIHR Journals Library: Issue 39 – A systematic review of the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of sensory, psychological and behavioural interventions for managing agitation in older adults with dementia.  Click here to read the article.

BBC News Health – Dementia progress  ‘achingly slow’ says global envoy.  Click here to read the article.

Potential closure of Garland Road day care centre Poole – specialist dementia unit.  Please click here to sign up to the petition

BBC News Magazine – The town thronged with old people by Dr Stephen Page of Bournemouth University. Click here to read the article.

The Health Foundation article: Helping measure person-centred care.  Click here to read the article.

BBC News Health article: Dementia Facebook app to raise awareness of the illness. Click here to read the article.

The Unforgettables Chorus Group Reveals Impact of Song on People with Dementia click here to find out more.

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, BUDI and BU Music are holding their own exciting music based activity. To find out more click here

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reports Alzheimer deaths increased during the previous decade. Click here to see report.

The Alzheimers Society reports that the majority of people living alone with dementia feel lonely. Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive of Alzheimer’s Society, said:
‘This report reveals the stark truth that too many people with dementia, especially the thousands who live alone, are truly isolated. We need to put a stop to this epidemic of loneliness, not only to improve quality of life but also to save thousands from reaching crisis point and being admitted to hospital unnecessarily or care homes early.
The Prime Minister’s Challenge has put dementia in the spotlight. However, the reality is that many people still feel disconnected from society. It’s time for all of us to play a part in helping people with dementia live well with the condition.’

(Dont) Mention Dementia 

Over the last six months BUDI has been working to engage with the public and promote awareness and understanding of dementia. ‘(Don’t)  Mention Dementia’ is an innovative exhibition created by BUDI and media artist Derek Eland, with the aim of giving a voice to people living with dementia. The exhibition was closed by Angela Rippon (Alzheimer Society Ambassador).

Click here to read a review by the Bournemouth Echo

This exhibition has been displayed at:
The Alzheimers Europe conference  St. Julian, Malta
11 to 14 October 2013
The Luminate exhibition, Glasgow
24 October 2013
The Birmingham Care Show, NEC
12 and 13 November 2013


Video introducing Bournemouth University Dementia Institute

Executive Summary

Dementia issues and priorities. A survey of professions.
To read this Executive Summary please click here

New Resource for Carers

Click here to read the booklet.

Dorset Dementia Friendly Communities Project

Click here to read the report.

BUDI’s Mission Statement

We are committed to working with others to help create an inclusive and supportive society for people affected by dementia.  We will achieve this through the production of high quality research, evidence based education and staff development, knowledge translation through service evaluation and consultancy services .  We aim to work with all relevant stakeholders in the dementia field.

BUDI welcomes

Dr Rick Fisher
Acting Associate Director (Education)

Dr Fiona Kelly
Associate Director (Research)

PhD Student:

Sarah Hambidge
To find out more about BUDI’s new members, please  click here.


Media Exposure

View from Weymouth
Ben Hicks, from BU’s Dementia Institute, has established a social club for older men with dementia to meet, socialise and contribute to his research. Click here to read the article. 

Daily Echo
“Music is key in new dementia orchestra” read the article here by Laura Reynolds who reports on the BUDI Orchestra.

Journal of Dementia Care
Read Anthea Innes and colleagues article on ‘Making a difference in dementia education’.  Click here.

Journal of Dementia Care
Read Clare Cutler and Ben Hick’s article on ‘Technology, fun and games’. Click here.

BBC Radio Solent
BUDI Orchestra first worldwide.  Click here to listen to the broadcast.

Click here to read the article.

Driven by Health
Click here to read the article.

One man’s journey with Dementia

Mr Christopher Devas has spoken about his journey with dementia at a few BUDI events. Please click here to read his journey.


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