Update on the Culture and MEDIA programme replacement ‘Creative Europe’

Posted in EU by Corrina Lailla Osborne

The EC has released five short videos where questions on the Creative Europe (the successor to the current Culture and Media programmes, starting in 2014) are answered.  The videos cover questions such as why the proposal for the new programme combines the current Culture and Media programmes, the planned budget increase, the new focus on audience development, the new finance facility and the new programme objectives and are answered by Ann Branch, Head of the Culture Programme and Actions Unit from the Directorate General for Education and Culture (DG EAC).

These videos give you a great insight into what may come under this Programme and will allow you to really make plans for applying. You can also read this very helpful UKRO article on the Creative Europe Info Day to get even more insight.


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  1. This is a very useful resource. I’ve been browsing the Creative Europe literature and can clearly see a way forward iun terms of fundfed applications. I’m attending the World Media Economics & Management Conference in Greece (as part of the BU EU Network Fund) in a few weeks and will be looking to scope out some media management related ideas

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