British Academy Small Grants – internal deadlines for next round

The next round of the British Academy Small Grant call has a forecasted submission deadline of 3 December 2020. This early heads-up from us will give you more time to consider whether you wish to apply to this round.

Due to the volume of bids that are received by RDS in every round, the internal deadlines will be strictly applied to ensure that the pre-award team can provide all interested academics with optimal support in a timely manner.

Previous guidance for the last round will assist in preparing for the up-coming round.


The forecasted submission deadline is 3 December 2020. When the funder releases a confirmed date, we will update the Blog.

5 November: Intention to Bid forms to be submitted to your Faculty Funding Development Officer (FDO) – this is 4 weeks before the deadline.

Where ITB forms are received after 5 November 2020, they will be moved automatically to the next round or alternatively, RDS will work with you to find another funding opportunity.

12 November: Costing to be finalised and draft application to be sent to FDO for internal approvals process.

25 November: Latest date for PI to submit on Flexi-grant.

26 November – 2 December: PI and FDO to work on final checks of the Flexi-grant application to get it submission-ready.

3 December: Latest date to submit.

If you have any queries, please contact Research Facilitator – Alexandra Pekalski.