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Want to work with business? Try this workshop as a starting point

The Research and Knowledge Exchange Office (RKEO) are hosting a one-day networking development workshop for those academics who are interested in working with business.

Held off-site in Bournemouth from 9am-5pm on Thursday 25th June, this workshop aims to focus on developing your personal skills where key learning outcomes are: communication, persuasion, influence and talking to business.

This workshop is ideal for academics who wish to work with industry on projects such as consultancy or KTP.

We currently have four places left!  If anyone is interested in attending, please book your place via Rachel Clarke, KE Adviser (KTP) on 01202 961347 or email

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships – Current Associate Vacancies

Following on from recent success, we have had five Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) awarded over the past few months.  Several of these are in recruitment, with a few more coming into the recruitment stage shortly.  It’s been a rather busy time within the world of KTP at BU!

We have two vacancies at local Poole-based business, TDSi and one in Southampton with civil engineering company, R&W Engineering.

As we have a large cohort of final year students finishing their exams shortly, this is an ideal opportunity to advertise these positions to our final year students.


Poole-based vacancies at TDSi

Software Test Engineer – Salary up to £25,000 – 13 month fixed term contract with a possibility of the offer of permanent employment

Firmware Development Engineer – Salary up to £25,000 – 11 month fixed term contract with a possibility of the offer of permanent employment


Southampton-based vacancy at R&W Engineering

IT Systems Engineer – Salary of £25,000 (negotiable) – 25 month fixed term contract with a possibility of the offer of permanent employment


I encourage colleagues to share these job adverts amongst their networks as these are fantastic projects and will provide excellent personal and professional development for the successful candidates.


For KTP enquiries, please contact Rachel Clarke, KE Adviser (KTP) on 61347 or email


Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Surgery – tomorrow!

This is a reminder that Neil Grice, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) Adviser from Innovate UK will be hosting a KTP Surgery for any academics who have any KTP queries or would like some help and guidance.

The Surgery will feature several 20 minute time slots which are to be booked in advance from 09.30-11.30 on Tuesday 14th April.

If you would like to book a 20 minute slot or would like to find out more about KTP, please contact Rachel Clarke Knowledge Exchange Adviser (KTP) on 61347 or email

KTP Surgery – Next week!

Do you have a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) query?  Or perhaps need some advice on how to start off a KTP discussion with a business?  Neil Grice, our local KTP Adviser from Innovate UK will be on Talbot Campus from 9.30am – 11.30am on Tuesday 14th April for a series of one-to-ones with academics who would like dedicated KTP support.

To book one of these 20 minute slots, please contact Rachel Clarke, KE Adviser (KTP) on 61347 or email

Click here to find out more about KTP.

New KTP vacancies

You may have seen lots about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP), perhaps from the KTP Academic Development Scheme or on blog posts, or perhaps even whilst in conversation with your colleagues.  At Bournemouth University, we’re working hard to maximise our KTP provision and this is working..!

We currently have two KTP projects in recruitment stages where we are looking for KTP associates (a graduate hired to work on the projects, full time for the duration of the project) to fill these KTP positions.


Following on from a successful series of shorter KTP, this position is a 25-month fixed term appointment for an IT Systems Project Manager.  This is a challenging yet potentially very rewarding opportunity to apply creative and innovative thinking, as well as strong technical skills that will result in an innovative and exploitable capability.  The role will involve the creation of a mobile convergence solution within a company operating over a wide geographical area enabling information and data exchange in real time whilst maintaining data integrity and security. As this is a KTP the Associate will not only be required to research, develop and install the solution but also embed sufficient knowledge within the company to enable them to both use and develop the system in an efficient and sustainable manner.


This is the company’s first KTP and is for a Computer Graphics/Games Programmer for a 30-month project.  The role will involve the researching of all types of 3D terrain generation applications and then the development of proprietary prototype software that will allow for rapid, automatic/semi-automatic 3D terrain content generation for use within the Virtual Battle Space (VBS) 3 game engine. In addition to this, the role will involve embedding the capability within the company to enable further development and exploitation of the software.


Both of these vacancies are in recruitment and they close on Monday 23 March.  Please do share with any candidates who may be interested in these roles.

For further information about KTP, please contact Rachel Clarke, KE Adviser (KTP) on 61347 or email


KTP Academic Development Scheme – join us!

Following on from the launch of the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) Academic Development Scheme last Autumn, the second cohort is currently in recruitment.

Academics on this scheme now are working towards a target of submitting a KTP proposal within a year of starting the scheme and are currently in various stages leading up to this.  KTP is an excellent way of developing knowledge exchange whilst demonstrating impact and also bringing in income.

The KTP scheme is 40 years old this year and there is a is a lot of funding (managed by Innovate UK) to dedicate to KTP, so why not join in and find out more about KTP?  KTP submissions have a 90% success rate which shows us that there is an huge potential for us to grow our KTP portfolio with a funded scheme that has such a great and solid history.

If you’re working with a business, or want to work with business, find out how KTP could work for you.

For an informal chat about the scheme or an application form, please contact Rachel Clarke Knowledge Exchange Adviser (KTP) on 61347 or email

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships – what’s in it for you? REF edition

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)…you may have heard this term before and wondered what they are?  Or maybe you’ve been part of one?  Regardless of your experience with KTP, the scheme is currently in it’s 40th year of operation.  That’s 40 years of government funding dedicated to collaboration between academia and business, 40 years of innovation and 40 years of successful relationships being built (and lasting!) between Universities and business resulting in stronger partnerships boosting both academic expertise and business productivity.

So, what’s so important about this scheme in terms of you?  If we look at it in terms of the REF, recently for REF2014, KTP featured in impact case studies from Universities all around the country.  A few examples of this include an impact case study from us at Bournemouth University, where a KTP with local company Morning Data provided an insight into the success of the project and the impact it had on the company.  A brief insight into this KTP can be found here and the full case study referencing the KTP can be found here.  Other examples of where KTP has informed a REF2014 impact case study is with the University of Teesside, where several KTP have been referenced in this impact case study.  The University of Bristol have also demonstrated the link between KTP and impact by highlighting a KTP in one of their impact case studies.

As we move to REF2020, impact is expected to continue to play a large part of the submissions and as such, KTP is a fantastic way to demonstrate impact from research.

If you would like to receive dedicated support for KTP from the Research and Knowledge Exchange Office, find out about the KTP Academic Development Scheme which is currently in recruitment.  For further information on this scheme or other KTP enquiries, please call Rachel Clarke, Knowledge Exchange Adviser (KTP) on 61347 or email;

New KTP call – Stratified Medicine!

Innovate UK have announced a new specific call for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) in Stratified Medicine.  Stratified medicine in this case means providing the right treatment, at the right time, to the right patient.  The specific call is part of a Stratified Medicine Innovation Platform that is funding a £50 million programme of research and development over five years.

Listed below are the main points for this call:

  • Innovate UK is investing up to £1million to establish new KTP in developing modelling approaches to support the use of stratified medicine in the UK – this is across bioinformatics, systems biology, health economics and analytical algorithms
  • The competition aims to help businesses to achieve access to modelling expertise that allows development of new diagnostic approaches and improves earlier evaluation of diagnostic products

Successful partnerships will enable businesses to advance a product for a stratified approach to treatment, requiring the use of new modelling systems that will either:

  • integrate healthcare and science data, to predict the likelihood of a product demonstrating the intended effect or value in a clinical setting, incorporating approaches such as systems biology or bioinformatics
  • provide innovative multi-parameter algorithms that enhance the predictive strength of a diagnostic test and allow commercialisation
  • provide innovative health economic models for products that will establish new clinical care pathways and allow product adoption
  • This competition aims to allow healthcare- related businesses to use KTP projects to access the modelling skills necessary to improve decision-making and the evaluation of diagnostic tests. This will allow for faster, more predictive and more accurate development of stratified medicine approaches.

Please note that out of scope are modelling approaches that:

  • Do not address a stratified approach to patient treatment
  • Are not related to the advancement of a potential product

There will be a briefing webinar at 13.00 on Thursday 19th February 2015, further information on this webinar can be found here.  Please note this webinar will be recorded and made available for future reference.

This call opens on 2nd March 2015 and closes on 18th November 2015.

If you have any comments or perhaps know of a company who might be interested in this call, please do let me know.  Rachel Clarke, KTP Officer – or 01202 961347.

£500,000 funding – Better interactions between people and machines

Investment up to £500,000 in feasibility studies in the area of user experience (UX). The aim is to encourage new and improved ways for machines, their computing systems and people to interact.

Innovate UK is to invest up to £500,000 in feasibility studies in the area of user experience (UX). The aim is to encourage new and improved ways for machines, their computing systems and people to interact. Proposals may address technologies that contribute to these new approaches, such as sensing information about the user, or they may address technologies that help with specific types of experience, such as mobile or wearable devices. Projects must be collaborative and business-led. The competition is open only to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, with the option to collaborate with one additional SME or research organisation/academic partner. 

Small businesses could receive up to 70% of their eligible project costs and medium-sized businesses up to 60%. 

Projects are expected to last between 3 and 12 months and to have total project costs of up to £50,000. 

The feasibility studies are part of a £1.5m Innovate UK programme to stimulate innovations in user experience (UX). This competition runs in parallel with a £1m Knowledge Transfer Partnership competition. For details, visit the competition page.

 This competition opens on 16 February 2015 and the deadline for registration is noon on 25 March 2015. The deadline for applications is noon on 1 April 2015. A briefing day (with webinar option) for potential applicants will be held in London on 18 February 2015.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Academic Development Scheme, cohort 2!

I am delighted to announce the launch of the second Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Academic Development Scheme (KTPADS).  This scheme is centrally coordinated through the Research and Knowledge Exchange Office and aims to equip academics with the skills and knowledge required to identify and pursue a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).

What is KTP?

A KTP is part-funded by the government and the aim of this scheme is to encourage collaboration on projects between businesses and academics.   KTP is managed by Innovate UK (formerly the Technology Strategy Board) and provides benefits to all parties involved – this scheme offers a fusion of academic and industry collaboration supported by an associate (graduate).

What is to benefit to me?

KTP is an excellent way of bringing in income and developing knowledge exchange with a clear pathway to impact.

Key benefits of KTP are as follows:

  • Facilitates research impact
  • Increases research funding, including supervision time for the Knowledge Base Supervisor (academic) to the Associate (graduate), this time averages at half a day a week
  • Contributes to the University’s REF submission
  • Improves links with industry partners
  • Applies knowledge to innovative business-critical projects
  • Raises your profile among colleagues/the Institution

What does this scheme involve?

This scheme consists of an initial one-day development course, on Wednesday 1st April 2015, off campus, to provide you with the necessary information to pursue a KTP in your area of research.  The development day consists of information about KTP, engaging with business and writing proposals.  Members will be required to bring KTP ideas to develop.

Members are then supported throughout the year in developing their KTP ideas including support in working with business and bespoke one-to-one sessions with the Innovate UK KTP Adviser.  Additional support includes a travel budget for members to use on potential KTP collaboration visits.

Expected time commitments for this scheme are: one full day for the development course on 1st April 2015, two half-day support networks in 2015, at least three one-to-ones with the KTP Adviser from Innovate UK and unlimited one-to-ones as per your requirements from the KE Adviser (KTP) within the BU Research and Knowledge Exchange Office.

Please note: the expectations of the scheme are for members to collaborate with business and submit a KTP proposal within a year of starting the scheme.

Dates for your diary

Wednesday 1st April – all day development day

Week commencing 6th April – initial one-to-one

Wednesday 10th June – afternoon support network

Week commencing 21st September – mid-point review one-to-one

Wednesday 9th December – afternoon support network


What are the KTP funding priorities?

If you’re interested in working on KTP, there are a number of funding priorities for KTP as detailed below:

  • Advanced materials
  • Nanotechnology
  • Biosciences
  • Electronics, photonics and electrical systems
  • Information and communication technologies
  • High value manufacturing
  • Digital technologies
  • Emerging technologies
  • Energy generation and supply
  • Environmental sustainability
  • -Sustainable agriculture and food
  • -Low impact buildings
  • Creative industries
  • High value services
  • Medicines and healthcare
  • -Assisted living
  • -Detection and identification of infectious agents
  • -Stratified medicine
  • Transport
  • -Low carbon vehicles
  • Space

Special funding calls are also regularly released, currently there is a specialized call for agri-food and space respectively, which are due to close in February and also a call for user experience which closes in April.  Further themes are due to be announced throughout the year.

If your research expertise fits into any of these themes, then KTP could be a great knowledge exchange project for you.

How do I apply?

To apply for a place on the scheme, please contact Rachel Clarke to request an application form.  This form will need to be signed by your Line Manager and please note that all applications will be submitted to the respective Deputy Dean of Research for review to ensure applications meet Faculty strategic aims.   Applications open on Monday 9th February and close at 5pm on Friday 27th February.

If you would like to discuss this scheme or receive an application form, please contact Rachel Clarke, Knowledge Exchange Adviser (KTP) on 01202 961347 or

New opportunity from Innovate UK – SME Growth Support!

If you’re working with a business to apply for funding from Innovate UK, for example, a KTP, from January 2015, all SMEs will receive the opportunity to access SME growth support.  This support is available for awarded projects from eligible competitions and includes an online diagnostic, coaching and mentoring opportunities and also skills training in areas such as strategic marketing.  Innovate UK will be providing the funding for SMEs to receive this growth support.

Further information on this new growth support opportunity can be found on the Innovate UK government website.


KTP success rate is still sky high..!

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) are a fantastic way of making long-lasting relationships with industry, bringing in income and measuring impact, which is quite a feat for a scheme that is 40 years old this year..!

Submission deadlines are every two months and once proposals are reviewed, statistics are released on how well the proposals submitted, fared against the Proposal Approval Group (PAG).

Below is an update documenting the most recent statistics from the Innovate UK PAG in December 2014.

Proposals submitted 86
Proposals supported 77
Of which, number supported without amendments 39
Withdrawn by Adviser prior to consideration 0
Proposals not supported 9
Of which, number that can be revised for resubmission 8
Success rate 90%

These statistics demonstrate the high success rate of KTP proposals that are awarded and also the amount of proposals that were submitted in November.

If you’re working (or want to work) with industry on innovative projects, find out more about how KTP can help you.  Contact Rachel Clarke, Knowledge Exchange Adviser (KTP) on 61347 or email

Are you working with companies in an agri-food, space or user experience arena? Then this pot of funding may be of interest to you!

Have you heard about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)?  Or wanted to work on one?

Introduction to KTP

KTP is a part-funded government scheme to encourage collaboration on innovative projects between academia and business.  KTP is managed by Innovate UK (formerly the Technology Strategy Board) and further information can be found here.

Themed Calls

Innovate UK has a number of funding priorities which they highlight through dedicated competitions throughout the year.  Currently there are 3 competitions where extra funding has been allocated for projects relating to agri-food, space and user experience.


The reason for this call is to improve the competitiveness, resilience and responsiveness of the agri-food supply chain – from primary production, including aquaculture, through to retail.

  • Call closes on 11th February 2015


All projects must use expertise from outside the space sector.  “Upstream” projects need to be generally aligned with the National Space Technology Strategy and “downstream” projects need to link to a defined market/end product.

  • Call closes on 11th February 2015

User experience

The aim of this call is to encourage new, enhanced forms of interaction between computing systems and the people who use them.  Proposals may address technologies that contribute to these new forms such as sensing information about the user or those that improve specific type of experience, such as mobile and wearable devices.

  • Call closes on 15th April 2015

To find out more about KTP or further information on these calls, please contact Rachel Clarke, Knowledge Exchange Adviser (KTP) on 61347 or email

KTP Advisory Surgery December 2014

KTP Advisory Surgery December 2014

The last Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) Advisory Surgery of 2014 will be on Wednesday 3rd December from 09.30 until 11.30.

The surgery will be divided up into one-to-one slots.  Each slot is 20 minutes long and it is an opportunity for academics to discuss any KTP ideas with the Innovate UK KTP Adviser.

If you require any support from our regional KTP Adviser, please contact Knowledge Exchange Adviser (KTP), Rachel on 01202 961347 or

What is KTP?