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Online Ethics Checklist – New Developments

In September we will be launching the new look online ethics checklist.

What does this mean for you?


  1. If you currently have an ethics checklist in the system and you are in the process of seeking ethical approval you will need to make sure it’s approved by 22/23 August or you may find you’ll have additional questions to answers when the new checklist comes online!
  1. To enable a successful data migration, the current online ethics checklist will go off line on Friday 24 August and no one will be able to apply for ethics approval (or update your current ethics checklist) until the new look checklist is launched w/c 3 September 2018.   So if you do need ethical approval for projects starting at the beginning of September, please make sure you apply NOW to avoid any delays.


If you have recently received an ethics checklist for review and/or approval, please can you make sure that you review and ACTION the checklist by either

a) Approval (ug/pgt low risk projects)

b) Forward onto Ethics Programme Team (ug/pgt) or Ethics Champion/EthicsFilter (pgr)

c) Send back for changes (to Researchers)


If options b or c are applicable, please respond to checklist as soon as possible, so that the Researcher/Ethics Champion/EthicsFilter have sufficient time to respond and deal with the checklist as appropriate.

Log on to https://ethicsadmin.bournemouth.ac.uk to review student checklists.


Please action as checklists you receive promptly, so that approvals can be in place by 22/23 August.  Please ACTION by either

a) Approval (UG/PGT high risk projects and PGR low risk projects)

b) Send back for changes (to Researchers)

Please note that should a checklist not be approved within this timeframe, data will not be lost but once the new checklist is ‘live’, the Researcher applying for approval may need to answer additional questions under the new look ethics checklist.

Log on to https://ethicsadmin.bournemouth.ac.uk to review student checklists.

Details regarding the review and approval process can be found here https://blogs.bournemouth.ac.uk/research/ethical-review-and-approval-process/.

If you have any questions, please email researchethics@bournemouth.ac.uk