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OEC – New Features

Online Ethics Checklist

If you have already created a checklist, you will see that the online checklist has changed quite a bit.  If you still have work to do on an existing checklist (created under the old version), you are advised to create a NEW checklist and copy and paste the informatio over.  This is because new questions exist and previously added information may appear out of sequence.

When you go to edit your checklist you will have access to Section 1 Researcher/Project Details which you can update if necessary, Section 2 Filter Questions (you may find questions have been pre-selected based on your existing answers) and access to Section 3 ‘My Research’ and Section 4 ‘Attachments and Researcher Statement’.

In section 3, you may have to answer some additional questions, so please go through this section and complete any empty fields.

Useful Documents:

Online Ethics Checklist – Section 3 questions (This useful guide provides an overview of the questions the checklist will prompt you to answer).
How to complete the online ethics checklist – students (ug/pgt)
How to complete the online ethics checklist – postgraduate researchers
How to complete the online ethics checklist – staff

Participant Information Sheet and Agreement Form

Templates have now been updated to bring them in line with current data protection legislation.  If your research involves working human participants, please make sure you download and adapt the latest versions.


Once you have ethical approval, if there are any changes to your research methodology/details of the data collection activity, you will need to seek approval for these changes.  Requests for Amendments will now be made online via the online ethics checklist.  Please refer to the guides ‘how to complete the online ethics checklist’ for details (links provided above).

OEC Admin System (Cohort)

The review and approval process remains the same, however, the system has now been upgraded so will look different.  For guidance on using Cohort, please refer to the documents listed:

Instructions for Supervisors (UG/PGT)
Instructions for Supervisors (PGR)
Instructions for Ethics Champions (PGR low risk projects)
Instructions for Ethics Programme Team (UG/PGT high risk projects)

Amendments will now be made online and all requests will be sent to the ‘original approver’.  Details on how to respond to Amendments can be found in the guidance documents.

If you have any questions, please email researchethics@bournemouth.ac.uk