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Review Process – Staff

The ethical review and approval process provides alternative routes for the approval of proposals, dependent on the level of risk presented. Click   here for more information on what constitutes above minimal risk.

  • Minimal risk applications will be reviewed by member(s) of an appropriate Research Ethics Panel via email
  • Above minimal risk applications will normally be reviewed by members of an appropriate Research Ethics Panel via physical meeting.  Researchers will be asked to attend for informal discussions. Please see Research Ethics Panel for meeting dates.
  • What is ‘Above minimal risk’.  Risk is determined by the answers provided by the Researcher when completing the checklist.
  • There are no Panel meetings held during the month of August, so please plan ahead if you intend to start your data collection in August/September.

Occasionally, research projects may be subject to external drivers which create a greater urgency for approval. Typically, research involving the public and private sector may be subject to time sensitive funding obligations and therefore make expedited review of ethics necessary. Such proposals require a detailed evidence based justification, such as:

  • The need to coordinate data gathering with researchers or organisations external to BU;
  • An unforeseen or unpredicted change in the accessibility of the participant group;
  • Additional demands or deadline requirements of funding organisations;
  • The need to complete the study within an accelerated time frame;
  • Contractual requirements;
  • The proposed research is critical to BU’s strategic vision.

The Research Governance Adviser will determine when processing a proposal identified as above minimal risk, which has an attached case for expedited review, whether this is warranted. Processing applications for expedited ethical approval requires additional resource; therefore, the Ethics Panels will not accept requests where these factors are not clearly evident. Those cases for expedited review will be sent to the Chair and the proposal will be allocated to selected members of the appropriate Research Ethics Panel.

Please note:  If you are a member of staff registered on a part-time PhD and you are seeking approval for research in relation to your PhD, please complete the checklist as a Postgraduate Researcher and not Staff.  The review and approval process for postgraduate research will apply.

Post approval process

Chairs Action must be sought for any changes to your project which may affect your current ethical approval; please email researchethics@bournemouth.ac.uk.  Requests and additional approval will be considered by the Research Ethics Panel Chair  and approved by Chairs Action if appropriate.  If changes are substantial you may be required to submit a new checklist.   Please quote the Ethics ID related to your project.

Requests may include rewording of any documentation including participant information/agreement forms; changes to the research protocol; extension; recruitment strategies