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The REF results are in! BU’s research recognised as world leading

REF logoAfter many years of preparation, numerous mock exercises and thirteen long months of waiting, the REF results are finally published today! And the news for BU is excellent!

62% of BU’s research has been recognised as internationally excellent, with 18% rated as world-leading. This is a significant uplift on our RAE 2008 scores and has been achieved whilst also submitting considerably more staff to REF 2014 (161.8 FTE, an increase of 45.5%). This highlights the growing research volume and quality at BU and is testament to the significant investment that has been put into research over the past decade. The assessment recognised BU as a leading university in both the UK and south west region.

Key achievements for BU overall include:

  • BU was in the top half of all institutions that submitted to the REF (69th out of 154) based on the proportion of research rated of international standard
  • BU was 11th out of the 69 post-1992 universities based on the proportion of world-leading research
  • BU was fourth in the south west based on the proportion of world-leading research, behind Bristol, Bath and Exeter
  • 30% of BU’s research impact was rated world-leading
  • 58% of BU’s research outputs were rated internationally excellent or world-leading
  • 63% of BU’s research environment was rated internationally excellent or world-leading
  • The THE has ranked BU 69th overall, an increase from 75th in 2008, and 69th for impact –

Key achievements for our research areas include:

  • Tourism (UOA 26) was rated as joint-first in the UK (out of 51 institutions) based on its internationally-recognised research
  • Art and design (UOA 34) is in the top quartile in the UK for its world-leading research, and is ranked first in the south west (out of 7 institutions)
  • Communication, Cultural and Media Studies (UOA 36) is in the top third of institutions in the UK (17th out of 67) for its world-leading research, and 7th in the UK for its world-leading impact
  • Psychology’s (UOA 4) outputs scored particularly well with 73% rated as internationally excellent or world-leading, placing BU 27th out of 82 institutions in the UK
  • Research impact was rated highly in General Engineering (UOA 15) which scored 73% internationally excellent, placing it fourth out of 29 post-1992 institutions.
  • BU submitted considerably more staff to Allied Health Professional, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy (UOA 3) than in the last assessment exercise (9.2fte in 2008 and 21.4fte in 2014) and achieved a significant uplift in the proportion of its research that was rated internationally excellent and world-leading (40% to 54%).
  • Geography, Environmental Studies and Archaeology (UOA 17) is in the top quartile in the UK (joint-17th out of 74 institutions) based on the proportion of research rated of international standing, making it also 1st out of 20 post-1992 universities
  • Business and Management Studies (UOA 19) scored particularly well in terms of impact, resulting in it ranking 9th in the UK (out of 101 institutions) for its world-leading impact

HEFCE, on behalf of the four funding councils, publish the results of the REF today. You can browse the results here:

Congratulations to all – this is a milestone achievement :)

The Grange School visits Bournemouth University Dementia Institute

On 9th December Bournemouth University Dementia Institute (BUDI) were delighted to welcome Year 12 Health and Social Care students from The Grange School in Christchurch. Putting our local partnership working into practice, the students took part in a Dementia Friends session and learnt about some of BUDI’s recent projects, including the Living Well with Dementia video and the BUDI Orchestra. We hope that the student’s learning will translate positively into their future practice, and were pleased to see that their feedback forms stated they will take the following actions as a result of the session:

• “Help people with dementia if I see them struggling”
• “Correct people when they say dementia sufferer”
• ”Help people to understand dementia”
• “Be more patient”

Dementia Friends sessions are part of a national initiative by the Alzheimer’s Society to raise awareness of dementia within our local communities. The sessions are designed to help people learn more about what it’s like to live with dementia so that those affected by the condition can feel included in their local community. BUDI run regular Dementia Friends sessions, if you would like to find out more please look out for further details on the BUDI website in 2015.

Dr Michelle Heward and Dr Ahmed Romouzy Ali

Thank You from the BUDI Orchestra

Last Friday (12/12/14), the BUDI Orchestra celebrated this festive season with a Christmas Carol Concert in the Atrium, Talbot Campus. They performed classics such as, ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘White Christmas’ and a very moving rendition of ‘Winter Wonderland’. The event was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by both performers and spectators alike.

BUDI would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone that attended the concert, with extra thanks to all of the staff who gave their support so the morning could run so smoothly.

We will be starting a new orchestral group in the New Year. If you know someone living with dementia that might enjoy getting involved with the group, please contact me for further information (

Merry Christmas!

BUDI Orchestra Christmas Concert

Transmission Symposium – Understanding visual strategies for neuro-feedback analysis

Artists from fields as diverse as performance, music composition and dance are opening routes to create new audiovisual forms via Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs). Transmission explores new strategies and existing avenues in the field of brainwave interpretation for arts and research. Funding from BU Fusion Fund and Centre for Digital Entertainment (CDE), the project hosts two day symposium to debate synergies, current developments and future objectives on the intersection between art and technology.

Transmission brings together artists and researchers in the field of BCI visualisation and sonification, providing the opportunity to present ongoing projects, exchange ideas and to define the cornerstones of future developments. The Transmission Symposium offers a worldwide unique forum for an emerging network between arts and science.

The two day event will be held at Bournemouth University’s Executive Business Center on the 4th of February and the 22nd of April 2015.

To know more about the project and the scheduled program for Symposium, please access the website and register for your interest

Bidding opportunity for Fair Access Projects

BU’s Fair Access Agreement includes a project fund to support fair access and widening participation projects. Faculties and Professional Services are invited to bid for these funds up to £5,000 for specific and targeted projects which will be monitored and evaluated to form part of the growing evidence base on Fair Access and Widening Participation work.

The aims of these projects are to generate interest in widening participation communities in going into higher education and to support the equality and diversity agenda.

More information can be found on this document: Final Fair Access Project Proposal Grant Application under £5000 

Please contact Lukasz via e-mail or 01202 961031 if you are unsure about aims or targeting or if you have questions about filling out this form.

Research Council success rates published! Exciting news!

Posted in BU research by Julie Northam

RCUK logoThe Research Councils have published their success rates for the period April 2013 to March 2014. The key message is that their demand management measures are working; most Councils have seem a decline in the number of applications submitted and the success rates stabilising, despite a decrease in the amount of funding allocated.

In 2012-13 BU’s success rate with Research Councils was 8%, despite 12 applications being submitted. This year we have submitted the same number of applications (12) and our success rate has increased to 33% – which is excellent news! This is against a sector average of 30%. The successful awards were:

  • AHRC – Cultural and Scientificat Perceptions of Human-Chicken Interactions (Prof Mark Maltby)
  • AHRC – Music Publishing (Prof Ruth Towse)
  • AHRC – Research Network: Researching Readers Online (Dr Bronwen Thomas)
  • NERC – Dynamics and Thresholds of Ecosystem Services in Wooden Landscapes (Prof Adrian Newton)

BU has had more grants awarded from the Research Councils over the past year, however the stats only show against the lead institution so successful bids where BU is the collaborating institution are not shown against BU in the data.

BU is especially keen to reduce the number of bids submitted to Research Councils whilst significantly increasing the quality of those which are submitted. BU initiatives, such as the internal peer review scheme and the Grants Academy, have been specifically established to support you to design, write and structure competitive, fundable research proposals and to maximise your chances of being awarded funding.

Read more about the demand management measures that the Research Councils have put in place here: Demand Management

AHRC  - Cultural and Scientific Perceptions of Human-Chicken Interactions (Mark Maltby)
AHRC – Music Publishing (Ruth Towse)
AHRC – Research Network Researching Readers Online (Bronwen Thomas)
NERC – BESS Grant (Adrian Newton)

The Marginalised Mainstream: Literature, Culture and Popularity – Conference Report.

Posted in BU research by sgoodman

The Marginalised Mainstream: Literature, Culture and Popularity is an annual event held at the Institute of English Studies in Senate House, University of London, co-organised by Sam Goodman (BU), Emma Grundy-Haigh and Brittain Bright (Goldsmiths). The aim of the initiative is to focus on those areas of popular culture that are critically and academically marginalised, or once popular authors or works that have since fallen into obscurity.

This year’s event took place on the 28th-29th November and featured BU’s Bronwen Thomas (Media School) and Naomi Braithwaite (Nottingham Trent) as its keynote speakers, delivering talks on online fan culture and the social performativity of shoes respectively. The theme of this year’s conference was Disguise, which led to a particularly varied and creative set of submissions, covering topics as diverse as showgirls and burlesque, spy fiction, Ice Road Truckers, confessional poetry, Game of Thrones, Indonesian superheroes, and Raffles the Gentleman Thief. There were also a selection of plenary panels featuring Len Platt (Goldsmiths) on musical theatre of the 1920s, Mariadele Boccardi (UWE) on neo-Victorian novels and science, and Andrew Harvey (Birkbeck) on sport and literature.

Marginalised Mainstream is supported by the Narrative Research Group within the Centre for Journalism and Communication at BU, and regularly attracts speakers and attendees from across the globe; this year’s event featured delegates from North America, India, Australia, China, and Russia, as well as from the UK and Europe. There is an emphasis on attracting early career and PGR delegates as well as established academics, and the delegates reflected a wide spectrum of career stages.

Details of the next event (scheduled for September 2015) will soon be released on the website: The theme of next year’s conference will be ‘Play & Performance’, and we welcome any informal enquiries at


Posted in BU research, Fusion by kskoog

Academics, researchers and professionals from the Women’s Radio in Europe Network (WREN) came together at Bournemouth University for a two day workshop, on November 14-15. There were thirteen of us, representing the Netherlands, Denmark, Britain, Turkey, Australia and Portugal.

WREN is an international academic research network investigating the history and role of women’s radio in Europe (and beyond). We were joined by Maria Williams, an award-winning radio producer, podcast-maker and media trainer – and the founder of Sound Women  ( Sound Women aims to encourage, promote and support women in today’s UK radio industry, and it was generally acknowledged by all participants how important history is for the current debates around women in the media.

The first day started with short presentations where participants presented current research and interests, and ideas and thoughts for future collaborative research. In the afternoon students and staff were invited to join ‘In Conversation with WREN’, a discussion about WREN research and women’s contribution to radio. Our panel of speakers included Maria Williams (Sound Women), Caroline Mitchell (University of Sunderland), Nazan Haydari (Istanbul Bilgi University) and Carolyn Birdsall (University of Amsterdam). The second day focused on the network’s plans to secure future research funding and how to develop the work of WREN further.

This workshop was made possible through the Fusion Investment Fund (the Staff Mobility and Networking Strand) which supported this first stand-alone meeting of the network. We are delighted to report that the workshop was overall a success, and WREN has now made some concrete plans for the future, so watch this space!

Dr Kristin Skoog (PI) – Lecturer in Media (Broadcasting History) – The Media School

Dr Kate Murphy (CI) – Senior Lecturer in Radio Production – The Media School

BUDI Orchestra Christmas Concert

Join us as we celebrate this festive season with classics such as ‘White Christmas’ and ‘Jingle Bells’ performed by members of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, and local people with dementia and their carers.

When? Friday, 12th December 2014, 11am – 12noon.

Where? The Atrium (by Starbucks), Poole House, Talbot Campus.

We’d love to see you there!

For more information about this event, please contact:

The BUDI Orchestra rehearsing.

The BUDI Orchestra during their final rehearsal.


Festival of Learning 2015 – What could you do? Limited time but wanting to share?

The Festival of Learning 2015 is a fantastic way to engage public audiences in your research.  Sometimes it’s difficult putting together an event that lasts several hours, so how about an hour lecture on your research? 


To engage your audience, could your event be interactive or spark a short debate?  Could it be linked to ideologies within a film that an audience could relate to?  Or perhaps a topical discussion that has had national coverage?  If you have an event idea, think about the intended audience and what would appeal to them.


A lecture, seminar, interactive laboratory to name a few could all be run within an hour session, why not try it?


The next Festival of Learning will be held during 11th – 17th July 2015.  If you would like to hold an event as part of this Festival, please complete a proposal form.  The deadline for proposals is midday on Friday 19th December.


If you have an idea for a Festival of Learning event that you would like to discuss or for general enquiries, please contact Naomi Kay on 61342.

Micheal Faraday Prize-For excellence in communicating science to UK Audiences.

The Royal Society’s medals, awards and prize lectureships provide an opportunity to celebrate outstanding achievement.


Nominations for the Michael Faraday Prize are now open. This prize lecture is given by a scientist or engineer whose expertise in communicating scientific ideas in lay terms is exemplary.


Previous winners have included Professor Brian Cox and Professor Frank Close.


The winner will receive a medal, a personal prize of £2,500 and will get to deliver a lecture at the Royal Society.


Nominate a colleague for this lecture


To download the nomination form and for further details please see


The deadline for nominations is Friday 30 January 2015.


To contact us for further information please email



For more information on our many other awards available for nomination please visit


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Research Professional upgrade

Please note that Research Professional are updating their site with a new version of the Rodman Indes, which is the discipline thesaurus that they use.  This may mean that the site is unavailable between 9am and 11am on Wednesday, 10th December.

All of the old discipline terms have been mapped to the new Rodman Index, and all of your pre-existing funding searches will be transitioned to the new terms.

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