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REF 2014 Staff selection

29.    When will I find out if I’m in the final group of staff selected for submission to the REF?

It is anticipated that most staff selection decisions will be made by the Vice-Chancellor on recommendations from RASG in June 2013 following the final round of mock exercises and external review feedback. There may be some selection decisions made after this point, such as for new starters and for those who lodge a successful appeal. Members of staff not being submitted will be informed verbally by their UOA Leader and/or Dean within five working days of the final RASG decision. See section 4.1 of the Code of Practice for more detail.

30.    I’m a new academic who has joined the University since February 2013 and have missed the opportunity to take part in the mock exercises. Can I still be considered for submission?

There may still be an opportunity for you to submit your outputs for external review in a similar process to the mock exercises, subject to reviewer agreement. Otherwise, all new academic staff will be contacted individually to discuss the possibility of submission.

31.    I’ve been told I’m not being submitted to the final REF assessment and disagree with this decision. How do I go about submitting an appeal?

Should you disagree with the RASG decision not to submit you to the final REF assessment, you or your School will have the right to appeal to the Vice-Chancellor by providing a justification as to why your outputs should be reconsidered. This should include detailed reasons for why your outputs should be submitted and any relevant supporting evidence. The BU Ref Appeals Panel will consider any appeals lodged, which will be chaired by the Vice-Chancellor. The deadline for submitting an appeal is 31 July 2013 and the BU REF Appeals Panel will meet in August. You will be informed of any decision within four weeks of the appeal submission deadline. See section 4.2 and Appendix 4 of the Code of Practice for more detail.

Link to the BU REF 2014 Code of Practice.

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