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Case study: Sean Beer

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Name, position and Faculty

Dr Sean Beer, Senior Academic, Faculty of Management.

What part of the student engagement programme did you take part in?

14: Live.

Was it a good platform to promote your research with, if so then why was it?

It was an interesting platform, in that it is quite a different venue, doing a presentation in what is in effect a refractory.  So the form of delivery has to be engaging.  If you can make a connection then I think that it is a good opportunity.  Though you need to make it memorable and it would be interesting to know what people really took away from it.

What advice would you give an academic seeking to engage students in their research?

If you are going to do an event of this type go to a session when someone else is presenting so that you can take in the venue.

In general deploy Ashcroft’s determinants of learning:

  1. Ensure objectives are understood
  2. Ensure objectives are relevant
  3. Arouse the learner
  4. Provide useful feedback
  5. Reward learning
  6. Provide multiple examples
  7. Actively involve learners
  8. Use a range of senses
  9. Eliminate distracters
  10. Provide a positive learning climate

These are the guiding principles that have helped me, help others learn over a period of 30 years.  They are genius and they can be utilized in any situation.