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Research Ethics @ BU

Bournemouth University (BU) is committed to promoting and upholding the highest quality academic and ethical standards.

All research undertaken by BU staff and students is subject to appropriate ethical reflection, leading if necessary to formal approval via the online ethics checklist. Please ensure you read the Research Ethics Code of Practice (RECP) and gain ethics approval before commencing your research.  Ethical implications arising from the research design, methodology, conduct, dissemination, archiving, future use and sharing of data produced should be considered.  Careful reflection and planning in relation to research ethics should not only benefit participants but enhance the quality of the research undertaken.  The RECP should be read in conjunction with the Code of Good Research Practice.

BU recognises the importance of maintaining public confidence in the ethical quality of research conducted by staff and students of the University. The purpose of ethics approval within BU is threefold:

  • This reflects BU’s commitment to good ethical practice, as a principle in itself and as a means of maintaining public confidence in the work undertaken by staff and students of the University;
  • The provisions for ethics approval assists researchers and supervisors undertaking research to identify appropriate issues and address these in the development of research proposals;
  • The approval process itself acts as a safeguard to researchers and supervisors who can be confident of the ethical propriety of their project once it has been approved.

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