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Faculty-facing staff

Please note that all RDS staff are currently working from home but should still be contactable unless their out of office says otherwise. All out of offices will give an alternative contact. Please do not email generic RDS addresses as this means >30 people will unnecessarily receive your email. Thank you.

RDS has a number of posts that are Faculty-facing (Research Facilitators, Funding Development Officers and Project Officers). These staff members spend approximately 50% of their time based in their Faculty offices. The page provides information on when and where you can expect to find them when they are working in your Faculty. Some flexibility with these times is to be anticipated as staff may be attending Faculty meetings, etc. Descriptions of roles are provided at the bottom of the page.


Faculty of Media and Communication

Research Facilitator – Alexandra Pekalksi. Working off campus.

Funding Development Officer – Eva Papadopoulou. Working off campus.

Project Officer – Carmen Palhau Martins for departments; Comms and Journalism, Media Production and NCCA. Working off campus.

Project Officer – Dean Eatherton. Working off campus.

Project Officer – Philip Leahy-Harland for projects in the Humanities department. Working off campus.

Business School

Research Facilitator – Alexandra Pekalski. Working off campus.

Funding Development Officer – Sara Mundy – Working of campus.

Project Officer – Philip Leahy-Harland, Working off campus.

Faculty of Science and Technology

Research Facilitator – Ehren Milner (AAFS, LES & Psychology) & Ainar Blaudums (Creative Technology, Computing and Infomatics & Engineering and Design) – Working off campus.

Funding Development Officer – Kerri Jones.  Working off campus.

Project Officers – Alex Morrison. Working off campus.

Impact Officer- Amanda Edwards. Working off campus.

Project Officer – Dean Eatherton. Working off campus.

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

Research Facilitator – Lisa Andrews. Working off campus.

Funding Development Officer – Beth Steiner. Working off campus.

Specialist Cross-BU Support

Senior Funding Development Officer – Alice Brown, Working off campus.

Research Facilitator  (International)   – Ainar Blaudums, Working off campus.

Research Facilitator (Industrial Collaboration) – Ehren Milner, Working off campus.

Engagement and Impact Facilitator – Genna Del Rosa, Working off campus.

RKEDF queries – Theresa McManus, Working off campus.

You can read more about the roles about all staff in RDS and access a structure chart here: http://blogs.bournemouth.ac.uk/research/contact/


Descriptions of roles

Research Facilitator –  provides expert support with developing your ideas, horizon scanning for possible funding, building networks/teams, and advice on the structure and content of your bid.

Funding Development Officer – provides support with application submission, including: submission timelines, checking funder guidance and eligibility, costings, internal approvals, submitting your application, recording it on RED, using Research Professional, etc.

Project Officer – provides support with the financial and project management of your research grant, legal and audit queries, reporting, etc.

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