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This part of the blog features news and information about higher education policy and how BU’s research is influencing policy.

A “step change” in parliamentray foresight capabilities

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons recently commented that the introduction of a new Thematic Policy Network will “create a step change in delivering the evidence needed to help parliamentarians”. The new network resulted from the work of the Horizon Scanning Committee in the Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology. Prof. John… Read more »

The Missing Persons Indicator Project: Research Collaboration for Knowledge Exchange

The Missing Persons Indicator Project, initiated several years ago by Professor Melanie Klinkner and Andreas Kleiser from the ICMP, has recently been enhanced by a visit to the ICMP, aimed at optimising knowledge exchange. Its goal is to showcase each state’s relationship with missing persons through comprehensive data analysis. This initiative began as a collaborative… Read more »

Take your policy engagement to the next step – sign up for one of our online workshops

We have a small number of places available on our Building a Policy Influencing Strategy workshops on Friday 12th and Thursday 18th July. What you will learn These sessions are suitable for you if you have already made steps to engage with policymakers, and/or you have attended previous policy training workshops. Public affairs consultant and trainer… Read more »

HE policy update No 12: 20th May 2024

The year started fairly quiet and then it all took off.  There is more to come on the international student story but the big news at the end of the week was the OfS financial sustainability report (which is linked of course, to the international student story).  A report on skills and LLE suggests we need… Read more »

HE policy update No 11: Migration Advisory Committee special

The Migration Advisory Committee review is out! The report was released on 14th May as planned. Firstly, because you are all interested in this, the recommendations,  Worth reading and set out (in more detail but lightly summarised) at the end of this update, but broadly: They propose keeping the post study work visa because numbers… Read more »

HE policy update No 10: 13th May 2024

Research and knowledge exchange The National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB) looked at the ONS data on R&D spending and drew some stark conclusions According to ONS data released today the UK experienced a 3.4% increase in real terms in government R&D spending in 2022, from £14.98 billion to £15.49 billion. This growth level,… Read more »

Read and sign up to BU’s Policy Influence Digest

If you’re looking to have an impact on local, national and international policy with your research, you may find the BU policy influence digest email useful. Read the latest edition on our Sharepoint site to get a sense of what is included. The policy influence digest highlights policy influencing opportunities and tips. The digests are… Read more »

HE policy update No 9: 19th April 2024

Catching up after the Easter break, an EDI focus this week, by coincidence, a look at educational gain and the value of apprenticeships, the underwhelming strategic priorities funding announcement and some politics in the form of an EU proposal on freedom of movement, freedom of speech (again) and an odd UKVI proposal on remote delivery… Read more »

HE policy update no 8 25th March 2024

Some more optimistic takes on what might be in the party manifestos for HE: the sort of commitments being asked for seem somewhat optimistic: later in this update I look at some detailed proposals on maintenance finance, a call to scrap the REF (which might have more take-up in the manifestos), the KEF via a… Read more »

HE policy update No 7: 18th March 2024

This week’s update looks at some ministerial statements, what the OfS has learned from its funded project son mental health and wellbeing, employability and what works, a look at foundation years, who does them, and the outcomes, more on international students and the review of the post-graduate work visa, and the OfS are taking a… Read more »

BU Policy update 2024: no 6, 6th March 2024

Politics and Parliament Budget All the budget papers will be here as they are released. The Office for Budget Responsibility has a video here with “5 things you need to know about their forecast” The IfS has a context paper here The Institute for Government has one too. BBC stories: Key points here. What does… Read more »

Leveraging the value of ‘capacity-building’ research impact!

The narrative around research impact has quite rightly come to the fore in recent years. With funding organisations looking for a ‘bigger bang for their buck’ and universities emphasising their contribution to societal and economic value, it is no surprise that the words ‘research impact’ are central to researchers activities. Whilst many researchers develop plans… Read more »

HE policy update 5: 26th February 2024

An interesting mixture of news: a look around through the eyes of the House of Lords library and a lengthy analysis of the differences between the 4 nations, a hopeful look forward through the UUK manifesto for the election, Research England are taking steps on spin-outs and there are serious concerns about abuse of franchised… Read more »

Sign up to BU’s Policy Influence Digest

If you’re looking to have an impact on local, national and international policy with your research, you may find the BU policy influence digest email useful. The policy influence digest highlights policy influencing opportunities and tips. The digests are usually circulated weekly and contain information on expert calls, specialist or committee advisor opportunities, areas of… Read more »

HE policy update: no 4, 5th February 2024

The update is a bit shorter this week, focussing on the bigger news on research and education.  The next update will be in a couple of weeks. Research and knowledge exchange Ref changes: the wheels on the bus go round and round There’s nothing new in policy and politics.  As the debate rages about research… Read more »