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VisitBritain’s Chairman in BU

Christopher Rodrigues CBS – VisitBritain’s Chairman will give a guest talk about Great Britain Tourism Strategy

Thursday 25 February 10.00 – 12.00, Lees LT

VisitBritain’s Chairman, provides strategic leadership to
the work to boost tourism to and within Britain, leading the
delivery of a new era of greater coherence and partnership for
the visitor economy.


The Chairman works with VisitBritain’s private and public sector partners in England, Scotland and Wales to aid in strengthening the marketing of Britain as a tourist destination overseas.
Christopher became Chairman of VisitBritain in January 2007. He is a Trustee of the National Trust and is a Vice Chairman of the World Travel and Tourism Council. His past experience include
time as Chief Executive of Visa International between 2004 –
2007 and Chief Executive of Thomas Cook between 1988

The event is hosted by Department of Tourism and Hospitality
Faculty of Management, Bournemouth University

Source of pictures and bio: Visit Britain website

New Report Exposes Significant Gender Gap in Tourism Academic Leadership

Results of a new research report The Gender Gap in the Tourism Academy: Statistics and Indicators of Gender Equality reveal that women are under-represented in the majority of leadership and gatekeeping positions examined and that academic organisations continue to show highly gendered patterns.

The research project, produced by an international group of twelve tourism academics known as ”While Waiting for the Dawn”, shows that while women account for nearly half of tourism academics, only 13% of fellows of the prestigious ”International Academy for the Study of Tourism” are women. From over 6000 editorial positions analysed in 189 journals, there are only 25% of women holding top-editorial positions and the gender gap intensifies in the top 20 journals in the field (where women representation is only 21%). A similar under-representation appears among invited speakers at conferences. Among all the invited speakers of the 33 international conferences analysed only 24% are women. Conferences with a complete absence of women as invited/keynote speakers are quite common (almost one third had an all-male line up of invited speakers).

This is the first report that maps the gender gap in tourism studies. The analysis confirms similar results of other national and international studies that show men continue to be over-represented among the gatekeepers who set the academic and research agendas.

“It is a shocking wake-up call, especially for early career researchers. It pushes us to think about what it is to be an academic and how we can use our agency to break the gendered glass ceiling” says Elaine Yang, PhD Candidate at Griffith Business School and the administrator of the online community ”Women Academics in Tourism”.

Many studies of gender in research rely on national or regional labour statistics (e.g. EU), but a distinguishing feature of this report is that the data analysed takes into consideration the global nature of academic networks. It reveals that the gender glass ceiling exists not only in relation to professorships, but it extends to other forms of academic titles and leadership positions. Academic leadership is contextual to specific research communities and besides mapping career progression, it is crucial to establish other indicators to monitor gendered patterns in gate-keeping and high visibility positions in global networks.

Ana María Munar, Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School, who coordinated this research project said ”We hope this report will help to raise awareness and contribute to creating a more just academy, where women have equal opportunities to shape the present and the future of tourism scholarship”.

 A vodcast of this report and the full report can be accessed here:

For questions and further information about this report, please contact:

 While Waiting for the Dawn, UK:

Avital Biran,

Donna Chambers,

Sexual Harassment, Tourism and Education – Fusion Investment Fund

Funding provided by the BU Fusion Investment Fund will allow us to present our research idea at an international conference.  The project addresses the “present- absent” paradox of sexual harassment in tourism and hospitality. The prevalence of sexual harassment in the tourism and hospitality industry and other related sectors (such as, cruise lines and airlines) is widely recognised.  Studies indicate that the rate of incidents reported (by both men and women) is twice as high in comparison to other service industries, and that in most cases managers and peers are the harassers.  In spite of this, the subject has been overlooked by tourism research and higher education alike.

The proposed project raises the need to explore the potential of higher education in generating social change, by providing students with the foundations for responsible and ethical management.  The research aims to provide an understanding of the current state of tourism higher education in relation sexual harassment issues and the manner in which higher education can contribute to mitigating this negative phenomenon. As such, it will contribute to shaping the higher education curriculum in a manner which will prepare students to “the real world”, as well as address the needs of the industry. In the long run, this project has implications for the wellbeing of tourism employees and providers.

To achieve this, we seek the collaboration of tourism practitioners, students and educators. We hope that with the help of the Fusion Fund and through this conference presentation we will establish a network of collaborators to advance this research and pursue a research grant. The FIF team were extremely helpful in the application process, and the Fusion Fund has provided a great “kick start” to our new project!