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New publication

A new publication from former PhD student Billy Senington and his supervisor Jonathan Williams investigating low back pain in cricket fast bowlers. Open access in BMJ Open Sport and Exercise Medicine – please enjoy.

Biomechanical risk factors of lower back pain in cricket fast bowlers using inertial measurement units: a prospective and retrospective investigation, 2020. BMJ Sport Ex Med 6 (1).




BU Physiotherapy Programme Co-Creation Publication Success

Congratulations to Donna Riggs (BU Physiotherapy Graduate 2018) and Dr Clare Killingback (BU Visiting Faculty) for their successful publication in Physical Therapy Reviews.

Their article entitled ‘What factors influence physical activity participation in people with rheumatoid arthritis?’ was accepted this week. This was based on work carried out through the Level 6 unit, Research for Physiotherapy Practice.

It’s great to see our students publishing so early in their career. Well done Donna!

PhD success

Congratulations to Dr Billy Senington on achieving the all important sign off from the examiners for his post viva modifications of his PhD thesis, titled:

An investigation into the spinal kinematics and lower limb impacts during cricket fast bowling and their association with lower back pain.

A lot of new findings in this area and a really significant contribution to knowledge.

Well done to Billy.

Supervisors: Dr Jonathan Williams and Professor Raymond Lee (Ex).

New publication

New sensor technology used to uncover the link (or lack of) between coaching terminology and traditional three-dimensional movements of the spine during the highly injurious occupation of Cricket Fast Bowling by PhD student Billy Senington and Dr Jonathan Williams.

Senington B, Lee R and Williams J. Are shoulder counter rotation and hip shoulder separation angle representative metrics of three-dimensional spinal kinematics in cricket fast bowling? Journal of Sports Sciences.

UG Physio students secure prestigious research post

Darel Evans and George Erskine has been chosen to be 2 of just 6 selected research internships with Arthritis Research UK. George will be working on the project entitled What are the illness beliefs and expectations of people with Psoriatic Arthritis? Analysis of qualitative data from focus groups under the supervision of Professor Sarah Hewlett at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

Darel will be working on Optimisation of footwear choices in the management of knee Osteoarthritis (OA) at the University of Salford under the supervision of Dr Anita Williams.

As a Physio team we couldn’t be more proud of their achievements and wish them ever success. It is the first time undergraduates from the BU Physio programme have gone for such an acclaimed position and to have 2 accepted really is a triumph. Thanks to the team for supporting the applications and we hope their success will breed success in others.

Congratulations to New Physio Staff member Osman Ahmed

Congratulations to our newest Physio staff member Osman Ahmed on his recent publication. Having been employed for just a few weeks he already has a publication in the name of BU.

A picture tells a thousand words. A content analysis of concussion related images online, published in Physical Therapy in Sport.

Hopefully the start of many more publications for Osman.

BU Physiotherapy Student wins award!

WP_20160416_15_16_31_Pro (2) WP_20160416_005Darel Evans, BU Physiotherapy student, won the award for the best poster presentation at the Physiotherapy Research Society at their recent congress. Held in Leicester this was the 35th annual conference of the society focussing on Improving Quality of Life for People with Chronic Conditions. His work, supported by the Centre for Excellence in Learning as a Co-creation project with Dr Jonathan Williams, was entitled:

Can a Tibail mounted accelerometer be used to detect differences in lower limb impact across different footwear?

and would, once developed help those with lower limb impact/loading problems (such as knee osteoarthritis) choose footwear to minimise the impact/loading experienced through the limb.

New Publication

Congratulations to Dr Jonathan Williams and colleagues for his recent publication on Rugby Scrummaging published in BMJ Open Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Title: Does the new rugby union scrum sequence positively influence the hooker’s in situ spinal kinematics?