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“Multi stakeholders views on the COVID 19 crisis facing the global textile and clothing industry: Possible ways ahead”

This workshop will be held on the 30 June 2021, from 10:00 am to 12:10 pm
if you would like to join, please contact  Kaouther Kooli  on 


The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent worldwide restriction measures engendered deep economic, social, political and cultural crises that have shaped organizations’ actions and individuals’ behaviour. The textile and clothing industry, like many industries, has been severely hit by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, which has challenged the fragility of the clothing supply chain. Garment factories in Bangladesh, Yangon, Myanmar in Tunisia, Egypt, Madagascar and Morocco well as many fashion and apparel retailers have been forced to shut, leading to the layoff of millions of workers.
Governmental restrictions, especially retail closures, also affected consumer demand for nonessential products and services, including fashion products. The fashion industry is also challenged by rising consumer environmental awareness, resulting in flight shaming and shunning plastic and making front fashion’s heavy environmental footprint front page news.
The disruption in the clothing and textile industry demands urgent and serious transformations. This workshop invites key stakeholders in the industry to discuss the impact of the COVID 19 crisis facing the industry and to suggest possible ways ahead. It aims to create a code of conduct and industry monitoring body as well as governance guidelines for practitioners on how to best manages the Covid-19 crisis, identify potential responsibilities and roles. A team will monitor the discussion and summarize at the end the key points.
A paper will be published in practitioner magazine : B2B Marketing magazine, the Bottom line (TBC)
A practitioner paper will be published in the Journal of Business to Business Marketing (Confirmed) authors not confirmed.

10.00-10.05 Dr Kaouther Kooli to open the event, introduce the issues, implications and the expected outcomes from the session
The practitioner session aims to identify key challenges and their challenges facing the industry during the Covid-19 crisis, what has been learned from this for business forecasting, responsibilities, accountabilities, environmental crisis.

10.05-10.15 Speaker 2 Dr Lilia Naas, Speaker 21 Lilia Naas, Chief Office for Arab States, International Trade Centre (UN), Economic Commission of Africa (TBC): the impact of Covid- 19 on (the Arab region/global) trade and ways to ensure good and bold recovery.
10.15- 10.25 Speaker 1 Dr Matthias Knappe, Programme Manager, GTEX
10.25- 10.35 Dr Yvette Ashby, Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide, PCIAW, UK.
10.35- 11.25 Covid 19 Impact: shared experiences from VanLaack Group, Sartex Group, VTL Group, FTTH, Ortho Group

Q&A 30 Minutes

11.55- 12.05 Speaker 5 Professor Merlin Stone : Managing mega-risks – the role of marketing, Merlin Stone, Principal, Merlin Stone Consulting and Visiting Professor, St Mary’s University, Twickenham, London, UK and the University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, UK.
12.05- 12.10 Speaker 6, Dr Kaouther Kooli and Dr Nizar Aata, The impact of Covid-19 pandemic on sustainability practices in the textile and clothing industry.

Q& A

• Professor Merlin Stone, Portsmouth University, St Mary University, UK
• Professor Len Tiu Wright, De Montfort University, UK
• Professor Hamida Skandrani, the University of Manouba, Tunisia
• Professor Salma Damak, The University of Carthage, Tunisia
• Dr Nektarios Tzempelikos, Anglia Ruskin University, UK
• Dr Cherifa Lakhoua, The University of Carthage, Tunisia
• Dr Ediz Akcay, Bournemouth University, UK
• Sid Gosh, Bournemouth University, UK

• Lilia Naas, International Trade Centre (UN), Economic Commission of Africa (TBC)
• Matthias Knappe, Programme Manager, GTEX
• Mounir Zarrad (Commercial Director), Rashid Zarrad ( PR Director), Malek Zaguia (Marketing Communication Manager), SARTEX Group,
• Nacer Bouyahia, national coordinator of GTEX MENATEX Tunisia Project
• Nizar Ata, AYLAN Consulting.
• Rym Jlassi, Chair of the Tunisian Federation of Textile and Clothing Industry
• Ghazi El Bich, VanLaack, Tunisia
• (Others to be suggested)

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Teaching marketing using the live case study method : Feedback from Dr Kaouther Kooli

Once again, the live case study method proved to be effective in delivering learning for marketing related disciplines. The excitement, the motivation, the engagement of our students taking the Marketing Communication and Brand Management unit is unbelievable and overturns the drawbacks of the challenging digital environment we have been constrained to deal with since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic.

My experience with the live case study method taught me several lessons and I would like to share with you some of them:
– Learning is co-created in a safe environment where different stakeholders e.g. tutor, students and client, engage in a project and contribute to solving a real problem for a real organisation. Students develop a strong awareness of their role in their learning journey and the impact they can make in their environment.
– Students are taking ownership of their learning journey and are aware of this. They are not passive, or just taking what is offered to them. They learn, search and discuss theories and concepts, make meaning of all this to be able to face the problem under consideration. They do it brilliantly! As a result they develop a lot more learning than what is stated in the ILOs.
– Confirms that students are not all the same and reinforces the importance of their background e.g. cultural, professional, that should be considered rather as a platform they build on when approaching the problem to be solved and this platform would give them confidence and strength in their endeavour. As academic we should encourage this and help them to express who they really are because it can only be beneficial for them, their learning experience and their contribution the community.
– Strong partnerships are concretised between BU and the community. I have been working with a charity hub i.e. since 2016 and the relationship with this organisation has developed into a strong partnership. Every year, our students make huge contribution to this charity hub and by doing so, they continuously contribute to connect those who need helps with those who can help in Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole area and beyond.

You can find in the YouTube videos below testimonies from students and one of our clients telling us a bit of their journey with us:


If anyone (students, academics and partners) wishes to discuss any aspect or exchange any idea in relation to the live case study method, and how we can make our relations with external organisations stronger, please contact Sarah Hopkins, Mark Painter or Kaouther Kooli .

Dr Kaouther Kooli
Principal Lecturer in Marketing
Business School, Bournemouth University

Digital Advertising Regulation in the UK

Dear all,

I would like to share with you this very insightful presentation made by Christie and James from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB UK).  Could you please watch it and share (link below)your thoughts with me : Especially could you share any thoughts about how valuable a BU  IAB membership would be for you.

Regards, Kaouther

Guest talk from the Internet Advertising Bureau- 23 March at 1pm

Dear all,
Christie and James (Biographies below) from the IAB UK are our guests this coming Tuesday at 1 pm. They kindly accepted to give a talk on “Digital advertising regulation in the UK” to the MSc Marketing Management and MSc Marketing (Digital) students. This talk will provide our students deep insight into the industry of digital advertising.
If you wish to attend, please email me : and I will send a Zoom invitation.

Christie Dennehy-Neil is Head of Policy & Regulatory Affairs at IAB UK, the industry body for digital advertising. She works with the sector to achieve the optimal policy environment to support a sustainable future for digital advertising, and to help boost the understanding of the sector and its benefits within regulatory and political circles. Christie has overall responsibility for the IAB’s work on (self-)regulatory and public policy issues, and public affairs.

James Davies is Public Policy Manager at IAB UK, engaging with politicians and other policy-makers on the digital economy and digital advertising. He was previously Senior Policy Programmes Manager at BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, where he managed policy initiatives on digital education, the use of personal data and the societal impacts of social media. Prior to this James managed the political news website and worked as a political consultant for Dods.

Collaborating with an International Business: Fusing Education and Professional Practice

Applying theory to Practice- Hayley Group Project developed with the support of Hayley Group- Member of Dexis Europe


As part of their integrated marketing communications unit, the MSc Marketing and User Experience students have successfully completed their consultancy project with Hayley Andover, one of Hayley Group’s 50 branches located in south UK.

The project began with a brief from Hayley Andover based on which the students developed a marketing communications plan. Starting from the theories and concepts they learned during the lectures and seminars, and supported by the team from Hayley and myself, the students made steady progress in their learning journey.

A team from Hayley Group has very kindly supported our students during the ten weeks. They have patiently listened to them, gave them feedback and valuable comments and attended their presentations. Additionally, the Hayley team allowed a budget for the student to use for this project.

Two groups of students competed together under the umbrella of two fictitious marketing agencies: Cherry Brandy and Buzz, to provide two sound LinkedIn campaigns that were implemented by Hayley Andover. Also, the students had the opportunity to evaluate initial attainments of those campaigns using appropriate metrics.

For us as academics, it is gratifying to see our students’ confidence and motivation grow into a passion towards learning and avidity for achievements. Whilst this teaching method has paved the path for a more exciting learning journey and gave our students exposure to the real work environment, it has given more relevance to our role as academics facilitating learning.

I have always championed the real-life case study method because it is a unique teaching method for its potential to develop students’ engagement, motivation and learning. My students’ achievements during this term has strengthened my position and further support my views about this method as a process of learning co-creation involving multiple stakeholders for the benefit of the wider community. More interestingly, this year’s project revealed how students’ engagement with theory, concepts and the real-life case study, is influenced by students’ background, specifically, their previous professional experience.

You can see below testimonies from Hayley group as well as from students:

“Both groups provided credible real-world solutions that were relevant to the branch that had a particular set of challenges. The methodology underpinned by academic teachings was critical to providing a more relevant and advanced approach to our challenges. Without insider knowledge the teams created an approach that was highly credible and on point with our own trail of thought concerning marketing and corporate communications strategy utilising social media. Many of the points and areas raised we are currently reviewing with a scope to integrating within our own plans for 2021. Having undertaken an MA in Marketing myself I would endorse this hands-on approach to bring a purely theoretical and hypothetical approach into something that would add value to the student in future employment.”

Craig Bastable, Hayley Group Marketing Manager

“I was impressed with the work that was put in by both the Cherry Brandy and Buzz teams – they all committed to the strategy that was discussed, and many of the proposals I would hope could be used in future marketing campaigns at Hayley Andover. Personally I really enjoyed working with the groups -and I hope that the collaboration between Bournemouth University and Hayley can developed in to the future. I would like to again thank everyone involved for their hard work in making this a success.”

Dave John, Regional Sales Manager, Hayley Andover

“The Integrated Marketing Communication unit has provided me with an opportunity to learn and explore new concepts and ideas. It gave me a chance to design, implement and evaluate an integrated marketing communication plan while working with a real client. Despite the seminars being online, they were extremely engaging as we communicated and worked directly with the client company and class discussions were extremely active. I learnt how to work as a team and function as a marketing agency which provided great exposure and confidence along with the experience of how it is like to work with a real client as a professional.”

Taalia Nadeem, MSc Marketing and User Experience, Cherry Brandy

“Although organising a group project through zoom calls has shown to be very challenging, this project has taught me one very big underlining thing: Communication is key. I believe this project encouraged me to step up and have a leading voice within the group which is usually very unlike me and honestly caught me by surprise. But it’s just made me even more proud of the outcome of our presentation. Also, working with an actual company (Hayley Group Andover) has been a very insightful experience! In addition, Kaouther was very responsive and helpful throughout the entire project which, I believe I can speak for everyone in the class, we were very grateful for!”

                                                                                Jenny Schulze, MSc Marketing and User Experience, Buzz


“The interaction we had with a real-life client for this project and relationship we built early on with them really helped us to have a successful project outcome. I feel our group thrived throughout the project, allowing us to demonstrate our abilities and build our knowledge up further by merging the practical side of the project with the theory from the unit.”

Emma Calder, MSc Marketing and User Experience, Cherry Brandy


I would like to express my deep gratitude to Craig Bastable (Hayley Group’s Marketing Manager), Josh Crampton (Marketing Communication Executive), Sam Godden (Office Manager) and Dave John (Regional Account Manager). Their input in this project has immensely contributed to the learning experience of our students.

Looking forward for more collaboration with Hayley Group.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


Dr Kaouther Kooli

Principal Lecturer in Marketing

Bournemouth University, Business School

It is All About Fusion!Bournemouth University – Community Mapping

It is All About Fusion!

Bournemouth University – Community Mapping

A Huge Contribution Towards BU 2025 Strategy, SIAs & UN SDGs (1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 10 – 11 – 13- 17)


The Fusion concept has been guiding and providing us with a sound framework by fusing research, education and professional practice to produce research and education with impact. I am implementing a project that demonstrates how our students could benefit from this fusion concept. This project provides our students (MSc Marketing Management and MSc Marketing Management, digital) with a unique opportunity to learn and at the same time, become active contributors to their community and contribute to the above UN SDGs.

This is not the first time that I collaborate with Jaki King, founder of If Everyone Cares (a community interest company, with its Community Pledge and which maps more than a 1000 charities). This year the collaboration takes a step further. Thanks to the support of Professor Marcjanna Augustyn, our students will be able to work on the Bournemouth Community Map (BCM)- a brand funded by the Department of Marketing, Strategy and Innovation-  design and implement a marketing communications plan for this brand.

The BCM will provide a resource which will significantly enhance and facilitate the relationship between BU and charities. It creates a virtual space for BU academics and students and more than a 1000 charities, where they can come together and share their needs for collaboration for research and teaching to achieve different objectives e.g. learning, inspiring, sharing, supporting the community, contributing to the society. Our PG students are pioneering this project and there have been some initial conversations regarding connections with other universities about this project in the future.

The BCM will be launched in March 2020 by the students as part of their seminars and ALAs sessions activities designed for the Marketing Communications and Brand Management unit. They will design and implement a marketing communications plan to the brand BCM. They will be in touch with you, so, could you please support them?

The students will be assessed based on an individual assignment where they give account on what they have learned, how they engaged with marketing communications theory and other materials to make their decisions, their appreciation of what went wrong or wright, how they felt during all the process… and not on the success of the campaign.

This teaching delivery and assessment method is in line with BU 2025 core themes and the SIAs. This project aims to build an inclusive community where BU plays a significant role via this partnership with If Everyone Cares (aDoddle). It creates opportunities for collaboration on issues challenging the community. Therefore, BU is also contributing to the UN agenda 2030.

BCM: Forging Stronger Links & Facilitating Resilience within Our Community

Across the UK there are over 150,000 registered charities that provide critical support for those in crisis or need. This figure does not include many more locally run community projects and groups who also provide essential services, some of whom do not have an active web presence.

A sad fact is that even though the world has never been more connected by technology, no one has brought these vital organisations together in one place so they can be searched for based on location and need. Yet at the same time you can go to Google Maps, type in a town or city and within a fraction of a second have a list of hotels & restaurants allowing you to make an informed decision as to which one best meets your requirements.

A few years ago, Kaouther Kooli, a Principal Academic in marketing at BU, connected with If Everyone Cares CIC (IEC) after they were named on the UK’s Digital Leaders 100 list for aDoddle’s potential social impact. The small team of dedicated volunteers is working on creating an online map which aims to bring these vital community resources together in one place so they can be found with a few clicks of a button. (

IEC has been previously used as a live case study to deliver and assess learning for the Marketing Communications unit (MSc Marketing Management). The students worked on designing a marketing communications plan for IEC. The method proved to be engaging and motivating and supporting students’ learning. In addition, students ideas were used and acknowledged by IEC.

This year BU students, Jaki (IEC) myself, Kaouther,  are taking this connection one step further through a partnership to create and launch the ‘Bournemouth Community Map’. Developing a resource that will not only help to connect BU with local and national charities but also be the first step towards creating a resource for the benefit of the community as a whole.

The Bournemouth Community Map will be linked to the UK wide Map – When charities or local community groups are added to/updated on BCM they will also be added to/updated on aDoddle and vice-versa. Ensuring a flow of up-to-date & easily accessible information.

BCM will create significant Benefits/Opportunities for BU and charities:

  • Ability for faculty, academics & students to link with charities for research projects
  • Ability for charities to post research opportunities
  • Opportunities for faculty to set course work around real needs for charities within community – having real impact
  • Ability for charities to post volunteer needs for potential matching with students
  • Opportunities for students to locate charities to volunteer for while attending BU

Benefits For the whole community include:

  • Connecting people who need help with those who provide it
  • Sign-posting those who want to help (volunteer) to projects that need support
  • Help those who are experiencing isolation to find local groups to connect with others
  • Enable and encourage existing projects to connect, collaborate, avoid duplication, discover where there are gaps in support. Helping them to help more people – more effectively
  • Encourage businesses to support projects within their locality – forging stronger community links
  • And all of this will be FREE to use – 24/7/365.

More about and Area Specific Community Maps:

The team at IEC’s original goal was to create a resource to help people, who were facing crisis, to find the support that was available to them locally. After putting the idea of creating a map of charities into the global Sir Richard Branson & Virgin Unite Challenge to ‘Screw Business As Usual’, and being voted 3rd by the public, the feedback solidified their belief that it was genuinely needed and a practical solution.

Extensive conversational research followed. From connecting with organisations who had tried community mapping and failed, to speaking with thousands of people from all walks of life, talking to charities of all sizes, and so much more.

It soon became apparent that the map would help to connect and have benefit for other areas within the community as well.

Every element has been developed from feedback. It has been built from the ground up, with ease of use and a ‘lean’ framework at its core.

  • Charities & organisations add their own profiles – telling the ‘story’ of who they help, how they help, the difference they make and the help they need.
  • There is a unique ‘Traffic Light’ system that shows the ‘freshness’ of profiles. If a pin-point is green then it has been updated in the last 6 months, amber 6-12 months and red over 12 months.
  • Profiles are all set up in the same format & layout, are like ‘mini websites’ and can be branded with colours and logos. This means that information can be easily found.
  • Organisations can use their profile as their online web presence.
  • Addresses can be set to hidden, just showing the organisation is in an area – but not the specific address (handy for some organisations such as Women’s Aid)

BU, as a partner organisation, is opening the doors to new elements of research and development. Already the ideas of creating two new pages on area specific community maps are being explored and will be piloted on the BCM.

The first, to share opportunities for research between BU academics/students and charities and also to share requests for research directly from charities with the hope of matching them with BU students.

The second based on volunteering opportunities: Having a section where students can post the type of volunteering opportunity that they are looking for and the second where local charities can share roles for which they are seeking volunteers.


My students will be in touch to promote the BCM. Please support them.

I would like to thank Professor Marcjanna Augustyn, Head of the Marketing, Strategy and Innovation Department, and Dr Ian Jones, Head of External Engagement for their support.

Please email me on if you need further information about this project.


Dr Kaouther Kooli

Principal Academic in Marketing

Faculty of Management










A Fantastic Global Experience on the Way! Round tables with Global Connections- 6 th December 2019😇 From 2pm – 3.30 pm

This post is correct the mistake in yesterday’s post. The date of the event is 6th December 2019 and not October.

Dr Kaouther Kooli, Dr Hiroko Oe, Dr Elvira Bolat and Ediz Akcay will be running simulations round tables with B2B firms from Dorset and Tunis. we will be exploring with two groups of firms from each country how deep transformations have changed the firms taking part in the round table. Details are as follow:
Dr Kaouther Kooli, Dr Hiroko Oe and Ediz Akcay (ECR)will be running the round tables with B2B firms in Tunis and they have already arranged a room with the necessary equipments.
Dr Elvira Bolat and Emre Arslan, will be in a room equiped with skype (Room TBC).
Academics and PGRs from BU are very welcome to participate and provide any comments. Please feel free to email Kaouther on
Details about the session will posted on Research Blog soon.
This round table is on the first day of the conference duration ‘ Deep Transformations and the Future of Organisations’. The conference is organised by BU and other international universities, where Kaouther represents BU as an organiser and Kaouther, Hiroko and Ediz will chair the sessions during the conference.

Deep Transformations and the Future of Organisations- Conference in Tunis, 6-7 December 2019

After the successful conference organized in Tunis on the 3rd and 4th December 2018, (please see details in this link:, I am pleased to announce the following conference with further collaboration with the University of Manouba (Tunisia) and the University of Laval (Canada), on the 6th and 7th December 2019.
The conference addresses the following topic: Deep Transformations and the Future of Organisations.

This year more colleagues from the Faculty of Management are involved:

Professor Sangeeta Khorana is invited to give a keynote speech on the way “deep transformations” have influenced international trade and international relationships. (To be confirmed)

Dr Julie Robson will promote a special issue of Qualitative Market Research – An International Journal. This special issue particularly focuses on the MENA region and addresses qualitative research specificity in the region.

Dr Hiroko Oe, is guest editing a special issue of Social Business, presenting a paper and charing sessions.

Ediz Akcay is guest editing a special issue of the Journal of Business to Business Marketing, presenting a paper and chairing sessions.

Dr Kaouther Kooli is invited as a keynote speaker to give a talk on how the “deep transformations” have changed B2B marketing. She will also organize a special track on B2B marketing.

Please find more details here. We will further promote the special issues of ABS ranked journals. Your contribution is strongly encouraged.

A Fantastic Global Experience on the Way! Round tables with Global Connections- 6 th December 2019- From 2pm – 3.30 pm

Dr Kaouther Kooli, Dr Hiroko Oe, Dr Elvira Bolat and Ediz Akcay will be running simulations round tables with B2B firms from Dorset and Tunis. we will be exploring with two groups of firms from each country how deep transformations have changed the firms taking part in the round table. Details are as follow:

Dr Kaouther Kooli, Dr Hiroko Oe and Ediz Akcay (ECR)will be running the round tables with B2B firms in Tunis and they have already arranged a room with the necessary equipments.

Dr Elvira Bolat and Emre Arslan, will be in a room equiped with skype (Room TBC).
Academics and PGRs from BU are very welcome to participate and provide any comments. Please feel free to email Kaouther on
Details about the session will posted on Research Blog soon.

This round table is on the first day of the conference duration ‘ Deep Transformations and the Future of Organisations’. The conference is organised by BU and other international universities, where Kaouther represents BU as an organiser and Kaouther, Hiroko and Ediz will chair the sessions during the conference.