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CfE Welcomes a New Entrepreneur in Residence

The BU Centre for Entrepreneurship is delighted to welcome Arabella Lewis-Smith to our cohort of Entrepreneurs in Residence.

Jointly founding the Salad graphic design and digital consultancy in 2001 – aged 26 and with a background in fashion – Bella is living proof that, starting with just passion and a creative spark, anything is possible. The classic entrepreneurial success story, Salad has grown from humble beginnings to the award-winning agency it is today, with a team of 13 and working with the likes of Hall & Woodhouse, Olives et Al, Salomon and the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. Alongside Salad, Bella was instrumental in the launch in 2007 of another venture, Pasture Naturals – which has since shown significant growth and established itself in the luxury washroom product market.

That both businesses have flourished despite a lack of direct experience of either sector speaks volumes for the power of intuition, enthusiasm and sheer hard graft. Above all, though, Bella is convinced that the most important ingredient is people, “I love what I do… the secret has been finding – and putting faith in – lovely, talented people who share that passion. In the early years of Salad I tried so hard to be corporate, slick, polished…. basically, someone I’m not. When I relaxed and started simply being me everything just clicked.”

Whilst for Bella the commercial objective is success – it will never be success at any cost. As an agency, Salad has never espoused a late night working culture – and Bella’s firm in her belief that, in order to do their jobs to the best of their ability, people need to be happy, to be treated fairly… and to have fun.

It’s a message with which Bella hopes to inspire others – and a key reason why we’re so excited she has accepted our invitation to participate in Entrepreneurs in Residence scheme.

For more information about Salad follow To see the profiles of all our Entrepreneurs in Residence please click on

BUCfE Connects with Gaming Students at FODI

Members of the CfE team were delighted to connect with Gaming and Music final year students at the FODI event to explain upcoming proposed entrepreneurial programmes.

Speaking during Glyn Hadley’s and Christos Gatzidis’ lectures, the Student Entrepreneurship Manager had the opportunity to give a high level overview of the Bournemouth University Graduate Incubator’s offerings including:

  • Hackathon
  • Bootcamp
  • Competition
  • 12 months incubation space

The Business Ideas Hackathon was the main focus of the talk.  The Hackathon will be a 36-hour business idea hack to identify and develop out innovative potential high growth businesses.  Running in the Autumn semester 2014, the Hackathon will enable students to devise and code a new business from the ground up and provide an environment to test out the proposed business model.  Students from SciTech will team up with students from HSC, Media, Tourism and Business, for instance, to code a solution to a real-world problem or to scope out a potential fast-growing business.   The focus is on innovation, creativity and on high growth with fusion of different disciplines being key to success.  Whilst this initial presentation was to SciTech, students from any disciplines are invited to apply and presentations will be given to all schools in September.   Bournemouth University students about to enter their final year are invited to register their interest at this stage at our Hackathon page.

Designed to hone and refine business ideas, the Bootcamp will be for participants of the business idea hackathon or those who already know what business they want to do.  The Bootcamp will enable participants to build out their business plans and to start to develop their offering and their pitch.

The Bootcamp feeds into the Business Idea Competition:  a Dragon’s Den-style event where businesses pitch to win 12 month’s free incubator space and business support at the Centre for Entrepreneurship.

SciTech students had left their industry placements for the day to attend the FODI event, with some of the students showcasing their work to the general public.  During the event, BUCfE incubator business Static Games were able to feature their new game, Mendel’s Farm, and sign up beta testers for their imminent release.

The CfE team are immensely grateful to Glyn Hadley and Christos Gatzidis for allowing us some time to present to their students.

Dorset Business Awards 2014 Launch

The Centre for Entrepreneurship is delighted to be attending the launch of the Dorset Business Awards 2014. Sponsoring the Entrepreneur of the Year Award again this year, Bournemouth University is is keen to showcase and recognise local entrepreneurs who have made an economic or social impact in the region.

The DBA launch is being held at Parley Manor and Mark Painter, Dr Lois Farquharson, Melissa Carr, Dr Chris Chapleo and Nikki Gloyns are amongst the attendees representing the University.

The Dorset Business Awards are run by Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industy (DCCI) and award categories have included an Apprenticeship Training Award, Bournemouth University’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Dorset Tourism Award and the Barclays Business Woman of the Year Award.  This year awards include:

  • Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Business Growth Award
  • Excellence in Innovation Award
  • Dorset Export Award

The awards celebrate local achievement and success in the various categories and are an excellent way for local businesses who enter to gain publicity and recognition in addition to being able to showcase their products or services to a wider audience.    Winners are also able to display the DBA KiteMark on their letterheads and literature.

The Dorset Business Awards 2014 Competition opens on Monday 23rd June and runs until 12th September.  Winners are announced in November at the Dorset Business Awards Gala Dinner.   Further information is available from the Dorset Business Awards website.

Dorset Business Awards 2014

CfE Upcoming Event: Moov2 with the CIM

Date: Tuesday 8 April 2014

Time: Arrival from 6pm for a 6:30pm start until approx 8pm

Location: EBC

We would like to invite you to join us at our latest CIM event.  Dan Thomas, of Moov2 will be demonstrating, in his straight-talking (and completely non-geeky) style, how businesses and the agencies they work with can successfully make and exploit their data, adding real value to the bottom line.

To book please visit:

Upcoming event for staff and students: Simon Phelps ‘Starting & Growing a Business’

The Centre for Entrepreneurship is delighted to host a presentation by Simon Phelps a BU graduate and founder of Fluvial Innovation Ltd. Simon founded Fluvial Innovations Ltd alongside Bournemouth University in 2006. Fluvial Innovations Ltd designed, developed and patented the modular flood barrier – Floodstop.

Floodstop was specifically designed to fill a gap within the market for a functional and rapidly deployable flood barrier and is used throughout the UK, US and parts of Europe. Awards for Floodstop include Winner of Climate Week – Best Climate Ready Initiative 2013 and Emergency Planning Society’s Most Innovative Product of the Year 2009. To find out more about Floodstop or Fluvial please visit the website:

Join us to hear more about Simon’s journey from being a Bournemouth University Student to running Fluvial Innovations as a growing and sustainable business. You will get a chance to hear about the steps Simon took along the way and find out about his up and downs on the road to success.

This event is for Bournemouth University Staff and Students only.

To book please visit: 

CIM Dorset Event – Make the Most of Mobile – Duncan Cook from 3 Sided Cube

Duncan Cook of internationally-renowned, locally-based mobile app development agency 3 Sided Cube is the next speaker in the CIM Dorset series of Entrepreneurial Sessions.  Having been invited to the White House because one of their apps helped save the lives of literally thousands of Americans and with their apps now being translated into more and more languages, 3 Sided Cube really are known all over the world for what they do.

Duncan will be sharing his insights on mobile, dispelling myths about what does and doesn’t work and generally enlightening the audience with his views on the future of this exciting industry.

We’ve all got smartphones and its people like Duncan that make them useful.  As marketers, it’s incumbent upon is to understand their potential.

Arrival from 6pm for a 6:30pm start.  Networking from 6pm until the event start. To book please visit

Book early as we expect to sell out quickly!

Arrival from 6pm for a 6:30pm start.  Networking from 6pm until the event start.

CIM Dorset Event – Brand Purpose – Richard Calvert from Bright Blue Day

Join us on Tuesday 12 November 2013 for the latest in our series of events held by the CIM Dorset branch.

Richard Calvert from Bright Blue Day is joining us to tell us about Brand Purpose.  As marketers we’re finding new ways to integrate Social, Local and Mobile communications into our customers day-to-day lives – invariably introducing complexity and unnecessary hassle into our lives.

There has been an explosion in the tools, techniques, strategies and tactics available to the SO LO MO marketer – each promising to deliver just the right message at the right time in the right place to the right person.  How do we apply SO LO MO thinking to deliver real value to customers, prospects and to our businesses?

How do we deliver real brand purpose and cut through everything that we can do in order to deliver just what we should?

Arrival from 6pm for a 6:30pm start.  Networking from 6pm until the event start. To book please visit

ISBE Upcoming Events

Upcoming events from ISBE

Partnering to Deliver SME Growth: Developing HE as “Institutional Anchors” through Research-Led Business Support

Monday 2nd September 2013, University College London

The purpose of this second seminar within the ISBE SME Growth SIG series is to delve deeper into the ways in which a multi-disciplinary (public/private sector) approach to sustainable SME growth and performance can be fostered through a research led ‘institutional anchor’ role with UK HEIs.

Following on from the very successful first seminar (Researching Growth in SMEs: Application and Impacts) held in Manchester earlier this year this seminar will build on key issues explored regarding the research being carried out and its key strengths/weaknesses. One of the specific issues identifies at this seminar was the need to look in greater detail at the context specific support that could be provided to the business community through a combination of quantitative and qualitative research. Also how we can leverage out networks to assist such an approach.

During the second seminar, after Contributions from ERC and the Growth Accelerator, an example will be presented of a successful project within the South East that combines multi-methods and longitudinal research with direct business engagement and support. This will be followed by group sessions to reflect on how a broader model(s) for generating SME growth might be established and how we might best work together to support such a model?

To book your place or for further information visit

Food, Fibre, Fuel: The Rise of the Sustainable Society  ISBE Social & Sustainable Enterprise Network Special Interest Group Seminar Series

18th September 2013, Manchester Metropolitan University, Oxford Road, Manchester M15 6BH

This seminar brings together practitioners and academics to learn from each other, connect and shape co-interests. This is an interactive event, small pitches, breakouts and more….

Aims and Objectives

There are numerous opportunities and challenges in shaping a sustainable society. Perhaps the greatest challenge is to develop strong networks of cross and interdisciplinary partnerships where we can increase knowledge, showcase eco-entrepreneurship and reflect on practice and theory.

The aim of this seminar is to build a community of academic researchers and practitioners, who wish share experiences and ideas with people of similar interests – but from different backgrounds – with the implicit objective to connect, learn, and shape the sustainability, eco and social entrepreneur agendas, both in universities and in the wider community.

The legacy from this event will be in the networks and partnerships created, and the actions and co-production that people will take forward after this seminar.

 This seminar is for:

  • academics interested in eco/social entrepreneurship and sustainability from research or education
  • academics who want to build real life eco/social entrepreneurial experience into their subjects and curricula
  • students wishing to improve their understanding of eco/social entrepreneurs and sustainability
  • local authority officers wishing to explore the relevance of eco/social enterprise social value and sustainability in their locality
  • Social enterprises and voluntary groups wanting to discover how they can influence universities and how universities can better support their work

To book your place or for further information visit

A Thinkspace on the Gendering of Entrepreneurship: New Theoretical and Empirical Insights

Friday 20th September 2013 (10:00-16:30), Manchester Metropolitan University Business School

How can gender theory be used to better understand entrepreneurship and to develop gender-sensitive enterprise policy and support? And how can our research on entrepreneurship inform understanding of different societies as gendered?

In this event, you will have a chance to think and comment about different forms of gender theory and how they inform our understanding of entrepreneurship by listening to – and discussing – papers to be published in a new special issue of the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research (IJEBR) on ‘The Gendering of Entrepreneurship: Theoretical and Empirical Insights’.

At GEN’s first ‘Think-Space on Gender and Entrepreneurship’ in 2011, GEN committee members launched the call for papers for this special issue of IJEBR. We had a tremendous response to the call for papers and hope that this special issue represents significant progress in the development of our gender research community. We seek to use this event to share the papers and our Editorial reflections on the use of gender theory, what recent research tells us about entrepreneurship and society and the research agenda going forwards. We will encourage discussion and support researchers and practitioners to think about the future of their own work.

As GEN members have asked for more social time to network, we are also inviting you all to join us for dinner on the evening prior to our event.

Presentations include:

• Managing the business of everyday life: The roles of space and place in ‘mumpreneurship’ – Dr Carol Ekinsmyth
• Contextualising Black migrant women entrepreneurs’ work-life balance experiences – Dr Cynthia Forson
• Women doing their own thing: media representations of female entrepreneurship – Dr Doris Eikhof, Dr Juliette Summers and Professor Sara Carter
• Empowerment and entrepreneurship: a theoretical framework – Dr Haya Al Dajani and Professor Susan Marlow
• Editorial reflections on ‘The Gendering of Entrepreneurship’ – Dr Julia Rouse, Lorna Treanor and Dr Emma Fleck

To book your place or for further information visit

Do you have an interest in Digital Technology and its use in Business?

The joint meeting between the Creative & Digital Economies Research Theme and the Entrepreneurship & Economic Growth Research Theme took place last week.  The small but focused group discussed strategies of moving forwards with the themes and ideas on how to bring people together.

The group decided that it need a central focus, and will use the recently signed Digital Manifesto as a way to bring people together for future meetings.  To read more about the Digital Manifesto please read Samantha Leahy-Harland’s post here (link).

For the next joint meeting brief presentations will be given to initiate a focussed action list.  So if you feel your area of research can benefit from speaking to other colleagues in areas such as social media and digital technology, and how businesses are using these emerging technologies come prepared to talk about possible collaboration projects and bids and your specific area of research.

Another link area is small local businesses, such as rural business or family run business.  Again if you feel you could benefit from shared knowledge and experience join us at our next meeting.  

It is hoped these actions can then be taken forward towards joint bids in areas such as Horizon 2020 (link), and to bring together like minded colleagues to share knowledge and experience.

If you would like to read a copy of the Digital Manifesto or want to discuss this further please get in touch via Nikki Gloyns

The date of the next meeting is TBC likely to be in September.

The ‘Clone Wars’: Episode 1 – The Rise of 3D Printing and the Implications for Intellectual Property

Do you, or any of your colleagues / students want to find out more?

17 July 2013

Bournemouth University, Executive Business Centre, 89 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth BH8 8EB 

Arrival from 6pm for a 6:30pm start 

The Centre for Entrepreneurship together with the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and Management (CIPPM) will present a series of workshops which will focus on 3D printing with particular focus on the Intellectual Property implications.  The workshops will be led by Dr. Dinusha Mendis, Co-Director of CIPPM.

This workshop will be based on Dr. Dinusha Mendis’s recently published paper on this topic and will provide an overview of the challenges to IP as a result of 3D printing. In looking to the future and in drawing parallels with the entertainment industry and the download culture, Dr. Mendis will consider whether any lessons can be learnt from the past and if so, how they can be applied to this new type of technology which will most certainly challenge IP laws.  The presentation will also suggest that rather than focusing on stringent IP laws the future lies in adopting new business models in adapting to this new technology.  In conclusion Dr. Mendis will present some thoughts for the future in taking this suggestion forward.

Workshop 2 and 3 will take place later in the year and will include a hands-on workshop with a 3D printer, and a round table discussion about the future of 3D printing. 

This is a free event for businesses, BU students, BU staff and BU Alumni. Refreshments will be provided.

To find out more or to book your place please visit

BU English Lecturer Gives Keynote Address at Paris Conference

Dr Hywel Dix was invited to give the keynote address to a conference held by the Société d’Etudes Anglaises Contemporaines, Paris Diderot University in February. The conference was about British literature and culture of the last four years and Dix was selected as the keynote speaker following the successful critical reception of his recent monographs After Raymond Williams: Cultural Materialism and the Break-Up of Britain and Postmodern Fiction and the Break-Up of Britain.

His keynote paper was entitled ‘The Retrospective Stage: late career fiction and autobiography.’ In it, he opened up the concept of ‘contemporaneity’ in literary and cultural studies to critical interrogation, arguing that many of the most canonical figures in contemporary cultural production are chiefly associated with work produced years, or even decades, earlier. The effect of this is a recurring pattern whereby cultural figures often receive less critical acclaim for work produced late in their career than earlier on. Perhaps this is by definition true: we are prone to think of contemporary culture as something current rather than something coming to an end.

Using the examples of A.S. Byatt’s Children’s Book and Graham Swift’s Wish You Were Here Dix used the keynote to argue that a number of prominent contemporary British writers have reached a kind of retrospective stage in their careers, symbolically returning to the styles, themes, and techniques of their earlier work. He further argued that the process of having earlier become identified with particular characteristics gives rise to a conflict between originality and habit beyond which the individual writer or cultural producer cannot travel. As a result of this conflict, the kind of fiction produced at the late career stage becomes profoundly meta-fictive and self-referential so that in effect throughout this stage the writers are always returning to and remaking the same work for which they had become celebrated at the earlier stages as if for the first time.

It is anticipated that this paper will be the start of a broader project on the idea of lateness, the belated and contemporaneity in contemporary cultural studies.

Call for papers and special BU staff rate: 2nd International Conference on Social Responsibility, Ethics and Sustainable Business

You are invited to attend the 2nd International Conference on Social Responsibility, Ethics and Sustainable Business to be held at Bournemouth University, UK, on September 5-6, 2013. The purpose of the conference is to create a networking opportunity for both researchers and practitioners to discuss recent insights on socially responsible practices in the non- and for-profit sector.

Although academic in nature, representatives in the business environment will deliver case studies on sustainability practices and will reflect on the challenges and opportunities that corporate social responsibility brings to different industries. The main topics of the conference, but not limited to these, are: CSR and Sustainability, CSR and Business Ethics, CSR and Social Media, CSR and Education, Communicating CSR, CSR initiatives/strategies, Corporate Governance, NGO Marketing.

Keynote speakers

David Crowther, Professor of Corporate Social Responsibility and Head of the Centre for Research into Organisational Governance at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. He is a qualified accountant with many years business experience. His research is into corporate social responsibility with a particular emphasis on the relationship between social, environmental and financial performance. David has published over 30 books and has also contributed to more than 350 articles to academic, business and professional journals and to edited book collections. He has also spoken widely at conferences and seminars and acted as a consultant to a wide range of government, professional and commercial organisations.  He is a member of a number of international advisory boards and is also founding chair of the Social Responsibility Research Network: series editor of the Gower Applied Research in Responsibility Journal and convenor of the International Conference Series on Corporate Social Responsibility.

 Wim J.L. Elving, (PhD U of Twente, 1999) finished an MA in Social and Organizational Psychology (U of Groningen, 1993). His PhD was on the care of cancer patients, and especially the constraints in cooperation and communication of health care professionals. In 2000 he started working as assistant professor at the Department of Communication, Amsterdam School of Communications Research at the U of Amsterdam. His research shifted from organizational and or internal communication (Communicating Organizational Change) to Corporate Communications in general. In the last years he did several studies in Branding, use of Social Networking Sites, and CSR Communications. As visiting professor he taught students at reputable institutions in Finland, Denmark, the UK, Slovenia, Italy and Spain. Since 2006 he is editor in chief of Corporate Communications, an International Journal, member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Brand Management and the Dutch Journal in Communication Science. He has co-authored almost 100 different articles in Communication Journals and 4 books.

Please send an abstract of 300 words in a Word document format via email to by May 20, 2013 (extended). No more than two papers will be accepted from any author. The deadline for the full paper is August 1, 2013. The abstracts of the papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings and the intention is to publish selected papers in an edited collection.

Abstract Submission Deadline: May 20, 2013 (extended)

Acceptance Notification: May 25, 2013

Registration Deadline: July 10, 2013

Full Papers Deadline: August 1, 2013

Conference: September 5-6, 2013

Conference Fee: £200 academic/practitioner; £150 PhD student **BU staff rate £60*


Organizing Committee

Dr Georgiana F. Grigore, The Media School, Bournemouth University

Dr Anastasios Theofilou, The Media School, Bournemouth University

Dr Dan Jackson, The Media School, Bournemouth University

Dr Alin Stancu, Faculty of Marketing, Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Cristian Ducu, Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Sciences

Joint research theme meeting – Creative & Digital Economy / Entrepreneurship & Economic Growth

A joint meeting was held on 24 April 2013 between the Creative & Digital Economies and Entrepreneurship & Economic Growth research themes. The idea behind the meeting was to cross-pollinate staff ideas and ensure that research themes do not become silos.

The meeting was well attended and colleagues from across different schools shared ideas for those who presented ‘elevator pitches’.  Ideas were presented on funding applications or joint research papers and where they would like to work collaboratively with another member(s) of staff, colleagues within the meeting then held a discussion on ways to take it forward.

If you would like to come along to the next meeting, which will be held in June please sign up to the research theme email group via this link, completing the form at the bottom of the page.

We will post an update on the blog with the details of the next meeting soon.

Want to improve your communication and public speaking skills?

Stand Up & Speak Without Fear – Wednesday 8 May 2013

7th Floor EBC 2pm to 5pm

The Centre for Entrepreneurship is delighted to invite you to a seminar by Toastmasters International. An educational organisation that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of helping members improve their communication, public speaking and leadership skills.

You will also get the opportunity to meet with Brian Jenner who is a professional speechwriter. He won a prestigious Cicero Award in 2010. His clients have included Cabinet ministers, CEOs and celebrities.  Brian now runs the European Speechwriter Network. He worked for the Daily Telegraph, Guardian and Daily Mail, and wrote a bestselling book, Men & Collections

This is a free event for BU Staff, Students & Businesses. Refreshments will be provided. To book your place please visit or telephone 01202 961216.

Developing Industry Partnerships Event

Understanding Modern Government are running an event on 1 May in London on Developing Industry Partnerships – helping academia and the private sector work together.

By 2014, capital grants to UK universities from Government will have halved.

HE Institutions must now access a much wider range of income streams to maintain their excellent academic and commercial work – including from the private and charitable sectors.

This course, led by Colin Wyatt, expert in the field of university and industry collaboration, will offer a practical guide on the most effective methods of obtaining alternative funding, be that from the public, private or charitable sectors.

Through a series of engaging workshops, delegates will hear how their universities can diversify their funding streams and build meaningful partnerships with industry.

Bournemouth University has two allocated spaces on this event for a reduced price of £395 + VAT per delegate.  To take up this offer you will need to contact Gemma Roberts directly on 0161 2113011 or

Adido Presents…

The Centre for Entrepreneurship is delighted to invite you to a series of FREE digital marketing related seminars presented by Adido, one of the South’s fastest growing digital agencies.

Please see below for further details – we hope you can join us!

 The Digital Trends of 2013 – Monday 11th March 2013

What will businesses need to know about to get ahead in digital in 2013? This seminar will cover the most important areas to invest in to make sure your business maximises the opportunities available.

Maximising Mobile – Thursday 18th April 2013

Mobile internet traffic set to overtake desktop at the end of this year and more mobile devices are being sold every day. As mobile devices become even more pervasive in our day to day lives the opportunities engage with audiences increases dramatically.

SEO in 2013 – Thursday 27th June 2013

Of all the digital marketing channels used by marketers, none has changed more than SEO in the last few years. This seminar will highlight some of the major issues facing the industry along with how to get ahead of your competition in 2013.

To find out more or to book your place please visit