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Team KEIT for the Win!

This month the Knowledge Exchange and Impact Team (based in the Research and Knowledge Exchange Office in Melbury House – do come say hello!) have been working hard to support BU – here are just a few of the things we’re proud to be supporting!

– The fifth Bournemouth Research Chronicle has been published featuring interdisciplinary research from across BU, copies have been posted to all academic members of staff (we had a delightful afternoon of envelope stuffing to achieve that one!) and you can also view it online here.

– The latest round of Undergraduate Research Assistantships received 37 applications of which 21 have been awarded – congratulations to all successful applicants

– The Faculty of Media and Communications have just submitted thier first Knowledge Transfer Partnership application of the year (one of around 6 applications we put in each year from BU)

– HEIF has been reciving excellent media coverage recently  as HEFCE research has shown that Knowledge exchange funding delivers £9.70 for every pound invested

– We have two upcoming events for the University of the Third Age, the first is taking place Monday 21st March at the Bournemouth Sewage Works, exploring the Microbiology of Sewage as part of a SFAM funded series of events.  The second is happening on Wednesday 30th March in the EBC with a series of health related lectures taking place throguhout the day.

– Heather Hartwell’s FoodSMART event is coming up on Wednesday 18 May.  The event is for businesses and organisations in a range of sectors: food, tourism, hospitality and organisations with a nutrition/health focus to include sport organisations and healthcare professionals; as well as to technology companies due to the innovative nature of the new app, delivering personalised advice when eating out. Please can you circulate to your networks. In particular, Alumni are encouraged to come along for the day and an additional drinks reception will be available following the main event for them. Due to limited numbers, we ask staff members to contact Carmen if they would like to join us on the day – Carmen Palhau Martins –   instead of booking through Eventbrite.

WordCamp comes to BU

This weekend BU has been playing host to a fantastic group of the nation’s best and brightest WordPress Developers for the 7th annual WordCamp UK event. The event is a chance for the community of WordPress developers to come together, share ideas and experiences, and provide each other with support and advice.  Over 100 people attended the event, coming both from the local conurbation, and from further afield – in particular one gentleman had come all the way from Spain!

Arriving Saturday morning I had the basics of WordPress down, having previously developed a free website for a local community event that consists of a few different pages and a blog feed.  Talks have been submitted to the running order by the attendees of the conference in advance, giving people a selection of topics to pick and choose from depending on their interests.  Sessions have been hugely varied, for example: “A beginners guide to web accessibility”, “Learning to sell your services as a web designer”, “Designing with data”, and “How not to launch a startup”.  One of the most helpful sessions from my perspective as a novice WordPress user was a series of 5 minute lightening talks on topics such as the importance of password security (to find out how long it would take a hacker to crack your password head to How big is your haystack?), how to set up a developer event, and a poetic recital of how to problem solve your website issues.

As well as attending the talks I’ve also benefitted from one of one tuition from other attendees on how I can develop sites offline and what plugins I could add to sites to make them more interesting and useful for the end user, all for no extra cost.  Overall this has been a fantastic insight into the power of WordPress and how I can use it to support my own projects and events at a minimal cost.   Considering tickets were just £10, I think there has been fantastic value in the weekend’s activities and I would recommend to anyone with an interest in WordPress (professionally or privately) to consider attending future WordCamps around the country. 

Attention all WordPress users – Wordcamp is coming to BU

WordPress is the powerhouse behind 1 in 5 sites on the web.  Everything from this research blog, JayZ’s, Ebay, and even the New York Times online is based on a WordPress template.

This July, BU and Silicon South are hosting the 7th Wordcamp UK developers conference, inviting the best and brightest WordPress developers and users to come and share their tips and tricks to get the most out of your site.

Taking place in the EBC on the weekend of the 12th and 13th July there are lots of ways you can get involved:

  • Tickets cost £20 (including a free t-shirt), these are selling fast so purchase quickly to secure your place.  To find out more click here
  • Perhaps you know a thing or two about WordPress you’d like to share? You can submit your own sessions you might like to run, this could be an hours talk or a five minute lightning presentation – find out more about proposing a session here
  • If you’d like to be involved but don’t know want to run a session, we are looking for a few volunteers to help with the running of the event.  This would be fairly light touch, just helping with registration as people arrive and helping ensure sessions keep to time.  In return we can offer you a free ticket for the weekend, including lunch on both days. If you’d be interested, or know someone who might be, please send me an email and I can give you more details.


3 more sleeps until the Festival of Learning!

Well Professor Puzzles might be taking a tea break but the rest of in the Festival of Learning team are working our socks off as we get ready to kick off on Monday.  A massive thank you to all the academics and other members of staff involved as well!

We have a few more exciting events for you to have a look through this morning:


Get your hands on a PhD at BU

Date: Thursday 12 June

Time: 13.00 – 15.00

Location: Talbot Campus

BU is committed to its postgraduate research students (PGR) and has invested in its Graduate School as a focus for the co-creation of knowledge & doctoral training and providing 100s of funded doctoral studentships since 2006 and going forward to 2018.

Join members of the Graduate School team and our postgraduate researchers to find out about some of the unique and original postgraduate research currently being undertaken at BU and how it impacts our everyday life.  Discover what postgraduate research entails, including the day in the life of a PGR at BU, what opportunities are available and how you can get involved.

Energy scarcity and the role of renewable technologies

Date: Friday 13 June

Time: 18:00 – 20:00

Location: Lansdowne Campus

This event will provide a platform for debating issues of uncertainty in the energy supply market such as recent price hikes, its scarcity, future risks, security and their wider influences on our local and regional socio-economic landscape.

Being an ambassador for Bournemouth

Date: Thursday 12 June

Time: 18:00 – 21:00

Location: Lansdowne Campus

What are you proud of and would want to share about Bournemouth? This participative event will discuss how you can contribute to improving the experience of visitors through becoming an ‘Ambassador for Bournemouth’. Existing Bournemouth Ambassadors who would like to share their experiences are also welcome.

This event is also suitable for host families and Bournemouth residents.

Four writers walk into a pub: An imaginary meeting

Date: Thursday 12 June

Time: 18:00 – 20:00

Location: Talbot Campus

Over the centuries, Dorset has been home to popular writers who, at first glance, had very little in common. This event imagines what might have happened if they had ever all met in a Bournemouth pub.

The spirit of 2014

Date: Thursday 12 June

Time: 18:00 – 19:30

Location: Talbot Campus

Ken Loach’s powerful documentary, The ‘Spirit of ’45′, called for the older generation to talk to teenagers about the post-war welfare legacy, the importance of the NHS, workers’ rights and an equal society. The Spirit of 13 project used short films to make this inter-generational dialogue happen. This workshop will share the outcomes and ask what is the spirit of 2014?