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Pint of Science 2019




As a student, I attended my first Pint of Science in Cambridge in 2015. It was fun, engaging and I learnt about areas that I was curious about and got to connect with some very interesting people who were curious about science and learning. As I started my academic journey in Bournemouth as a lecturer, I was surprised that we did not have the PoS here.

In 2017, we launched the first Pint of Science festival @Bournemouth and it was hosted in 3 local pubs. Since then this has been an annual event.

Want to know more! Get you tickets here: and come along to talk about science with pint in your hand!

Hope you come along and share the Pint of Science at Bournemouth!

Shanti Shanker
My PoS Hat: City Cordinator, Pint of Science
My BU Hat: Lecturer in Psychology, Bournemouth University


What is Pint of Science? Pint of Science is a non-profit organisation which invites science researchers (and clinical experts) to share what they do and why they do it with the public. A science festival to take excellent research findings and scientists to connect with the local community.  Speakers usually give a short talk or a presentation (about 15-30 minutes) and then the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions and have a chat with the scientists during the breaks.

When does it happen? This festival is happens over three days in May each year.

Does it happen in Bournemouth? Yes, Bournemouth has been hosting the event since 2017. This year it will be hosted in two Pubs: 1) The Four Hoursemen and 2) Chaplain’s and the Cellar Bar. The Department of Psychology has been organising this as it’s public enagement event. The Local Pubs have been brilliant in supporting us and Ojo Rojo is where we run our special rounds of PoS quizes the week the tickets are released.

Who runs the show in Bournemouth? We have a team of team of Event Managers and  Cordinators who are staff and students at Bournemouth University. The City cordinator for Bournemouth is Dr Shanti Shanker. We have some excellent run of speakers from the University each year!

Where can I buy mytickets:

How do I know when the event happens annualy? Sign up to the mailing list here:

Why do I have to pay for the tickets? Pint of Science is a grassrootnon-profit organisation, started by a handful of friends who wanted to share interesting discoveries. Today the event is hosted in over 32 cities. Pint of Science has grown (massively) from volunteers who help the festival spread. The festival relies on the ticket money, donations, sponserorsand the universities and institutions who help PoS run annually!