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Support to participate in the ESRC Festival of Social Science

The ESRC Festival of Social Science (05.11.11) welcomes event applications targeting a non-academic audience including young people, third sector, the public, business or government. There are two types of applications available:  i) applying for support of up to £2000 – due 3 June  ii) applying for event to be listed: non-supported – due 17 June. If you have any questions contact one of the festival team .

Sign up for FP7 information & alert service

The UK Research Office (UKRO) promotes effective UK participation in European Union funded research, higher education and training, and related activities. Established in Brussels in 1991, UKRO is jointly sponsored by the UK Research Councils.UK Research Office
UKRO provides information and advice on EU funding opportunities, and EU programmes and policies. You can sign up for the UKRO FP7 information and email alert service. Simply, “create a profile” (a personalised web page, covering the areas that you are interested in) and then select to receive email alerts at whatever interval you would prefer. UKRO has also produced a  guide to help you understand more about this service.

FP7 Partner Searches

Partner search: Sport & Health – The Centre for Sport Health and Exercise Research, Staffordshire University, is seeking partners to join a research project in the fields of sports and health.

For Emotion Regulation; Emotion and Cognitive Performance; and Emotion and Motor Performance. Email

For Physical activity/health and the environment; Green space and physical activity/health; Community health/physical activity promotion; and Primary care-based health/physical activity promotion. Email

Partner Search: Turkish SME & Wearable Cardiac Diagnosis Tool – The European Care Network is seeking partners to join a research project regarding a wearable cardiac diagnosis tool (in a vest) with clinical decision support system. For further information contact

Want to increase your chance of gaining research funding? Try the RPRS!

Success signInternal peer review is credited with producing higher quality research proposals and increased success rates. BU’s internal peer review process – the Research Proposal Review Service (RPRS) – is available to all staff so why not try it out?

You can submit your proposal in any format at any time; simply send it to CRE Operations (who will cost the proposal) along with the names of 2 reviewers from our database. The CRE Research Unit will then gather feedback from your reviewers and produce additional feedback on potential funding sources, the novel value of the proposal etc. Within 4 weeks you will have a complete set of feedback you can then use to help prepare the final draft of your proposal prior to submission. For further information on the RPRS see the BU RPRS webpage.

AHRC Peer Review College members launch petition to end Big Society funding

An online petition calling on the AHRC to remove Big Society research from its delivery plan has attracted more than 1600 signatures. The petition was created by members of the AHRC Peer Review College after an Observer newspaper article in which  Cambridge historian Peter Mandler was quoted as saying that the AHRC had been pressured by officials to study the Big Society as a condition of its funding settlement.

Yesterday, the AHRC issued a statement denying the allegations and arguing it had been working on a programme called Connected Communities for two years before the Conservative party’s decision to make Big Society one of its election campaign slogans.

EU research and funding workshops


                                EC 7th Framework Programme (FP7) logo

We are looking to host a series of workshops/ presentations on EU funding and we would like to hear your suggestions for topics.

What information would you find most useful? What would you like to learn more about? What format would you find most helpful?

Please comment below to let us know what you would like to see…

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Academic fury over order to study the Big Society: Researchers ‘over a barrel’ after coalition threat to cut £100m grant from AHRC

“Academics will study the “big society” as a priority, following a deal with the government to secure funding from cuts. AHRC logoThe Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) will spend a “significant” amount of its funding on the prime minister’s vision for the country, after a government “clarification” of the Haldane principle – a convention that for 90 years has protected the right of academics to decide where research funds should be spent.”

This article from the Guardian can be read in full here.

Read further views on this story on Research Professional.

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