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EndNote 20 upgrade – Important

On Tuesday 6 July 2021 we will be upgrading to EndNote 20 from EndNote X.9 

  • Users who access EndNote via AppsAnywhere on Windows machines will see it added to the list of applications   
  • Users who have EndNote installed locally on Windows machines can discuss upgrading with BU IT Services 
  • Users with a BU Mac can install it in the normal way; if it needs to be installed on a personal Mac please contact BU IT Services 
    This is a significant upgrade for a number of reasons and users of EndNote should be aware of the implications for their work. 

Important changes: 

  • EndNote is moving to 64bit technology. In practice this means that once you open an EndNote library in EndNote 20 (actually X.9.3 or later) the library is not backwardly compatible with earlier versions, i.e., X9.2 or earlier 
  • There has been a significant revision to the interface, more so than in previous updates, so familiarisation with the changes will be necessary. 

What should I do? 

Users should make compressed backups of their libraries in advance of converting them for use with EndNote 20. It would also be useful to review more detailed information about the impact of the changes, which is available in the BU library guide for EndNote desktop . Virtual drop-in sessions will be scheduled for after the launch to support users and the Faculty/School library teams are also available to answer questions. 


Kind Regards 

Library & Learning Support team

Making your research count: how research impact is measured and what it means for you.


The library is offering a workshop on 16th November on Enhancing your Research Impact: understanding and navigating bibliometrics. 

This will provide an opportunity to understand both what bibliometrics are, and how research impact is measured. We will also discuss how to look after your researcher profile and the various ways impact is measured across different disciplines, as well as exploring Altmetrics and how your research can be viewed through social media posts and downloads.  

You can sign up for this workshop on the staff intranet, and you can explore the information in the guide below to find out more. 

Image sourced from:

Altmetric 2015. Altmetric logo with black text [png]. London: Altmetric. Available from: [accessed 29th October 2020].



Supporting integrated theses at BU

Over the last few months Library and Learning Support has been developing its guidance for integrated theses. This is a  new format for BU which allows a candidate to incorporate material into their PhD already published or which they intend to publish elsewhere.

Orlanda Harvey was the guinea pig for our new guidlines when she submitted her thesis in July. Her title was “Male anabolic androgenic steroid-users: A mixed-methods study” and included articles which had been published as well as some intended for publication in the future.

I caught up with Orlanda recently to see how she had found the process, why she had taken the route of doing her thesis in this way and what advice she had for us in planning support for students doing integrated theses in the future.

You can watch our conversation and see our guidance for submitting an integrated thesis to the library in our Postgraduate Researcher Library Guide.