BU Learning and Teaching Fellowships 2014

In May 2014, the opportunity to apply for a BU Learning and Teaching Fellowship (BULTF) award was promoted across the University community. The award is intended to demonstrate the University’s commitment to valuing education excellence based on a fusion with research and professional practice and to encourage the widest dissemination of these activities. Any member of staff who is engaged in supporting and promoting excellence in student learning was eligible to apply, including: academic staff; staff in learning support roles, for example, subject librarians; study support staff; learning technologists; careers advisers, or placement support staff; and those supporting colleagues’ learning through staff development.

There were eleven applications this year and we are pleased that six colleagues were successful in meeting the criteria:

Dr Milena Bobeva, BS

Dr Bethan Collins, HSC

Joanna Hawkes, ST

Dr Mel Hughes, HSC

Marian Mayer, MS

Dr Mark Readman, CEMP

Overall, there were some good examples of very innovative practice; the comments included from peers and students lent strong support to the applications. The stronger candidates looked beyond direct teaching practice to the wider context of higher education, demonstrated willingness and the ability to extend themselves beyond their job descriptions/ roles, demonstrated drive and leadership. The best applications have clearly set their sights on national recognition and extending their influence beyond BU. 

Each award comprises a sum of £2000, presented to the individual Fellowship Holder in recognition of their excellent practice.  It is expected that successful candidates will use this opportunity to prepare themselves and their case for National Teaching Fellowship application in order to ensure that BU’s strength in education practice is recognised at national level. Well done to all!

Professor B Gail Thomas

Dean of HSC & Director of the Centre for Excellence in Learning