Undergraduate Research Assistantship programme 2015/16

Following from a successful pilot, the Undergraduate Research Assistantships (URA) scheme will continue in 2015/16.

The scheme will be made up of two programmes; a semester-based programme and a summer programme. Each programme will have a two stage application process; 1) academic applications for a URA and 2) student recruitment for approved URA positions. Staff can only have one active URA application in operation at any one time.

Semester-based programme

This placement is flexible where the student will work for a maximum of either 75 hours or 100 hours (to be requested on the academic application form) during the spring semester between 18th January 2016 and 21st March 2016.  This programme will have the capacity to accept at least 25 individual placements (where placements are 100 hours) and two groups of three students (per group), where each student will work for a maximum of 75 hours (i.e. one project would have three students working a combined total of 225 hours).

Summer programme

This placement is for successful students to work full-time (37 hours per week) for six weeks between 13th June 2016 and 31st August 2016. This programme will have the capacity for approximately 25 placements.

Once applications are open, staff will apply for the funding via an application form. A panel of representatives from the University Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee will review all staff applications and decide which applications to continue to the student recruitment stage of the scheme.

Approved academic applications will be advertised as URA positions to students with student applications being received, processed and managed centrally within the Research and Knowledge Exchange Office (RKEO) and distributed to the relevant academics after the closing date. The academics will be responsible for shortlisting, interviewing and providing interview feedback to their own candidates.

BU academic staff will be invited to apply for a URA to assist with their research projects in October 2015.

If you have any queries about this scheme, please contact Rachel Clarke – clarker@bournemouth.ac.uk or 01202 961347.