Faculty of Management’s Dr Debbie Sadd is visiting Japan next week

Dr Debbie Sadd from the Faculty of Management, is travelling to Japan as a guest of the British Council as a keynote speaker at the Sharing experiences from London 2012 symposium in Tokyo on the 18th December (https://www.britishcouncil.jp/en/events/2020-games-university-symposium).
The Knowledge Partnership, based in London, approached selected UK universities to write case studies around the roles and opportunities they gained from London 2012 and in particular to share experiences and forge a deeper UK-Japan collaboration.
Debbie’s case study of BU’s opportunity to reform the learning environment and curriculum, raise our institution’s reputation, and build our brand image from on-going legacy projects was selected as one of the exemplars for the symposium. There will be over 80 Japanese Universities in attendance as well as members of the Japanese Organising Committee for the Olympic Games.
Debbie will report further once she has returned from her trip.