HE Policy Update


The Times Higher discusses the reputational damage that could occur if leading institutions opt out of the TEF. The Times Higher argues that opting out would mean that teaching-focused institutions, who have the most to gain from the TEF, could once again find themselves losing out in an environment where research is king. Who suffers if leading universities opt out of the TEF? (THE).

The government has released an updated timetable for the TEF-


September- TEF panel announcement and publication of DfE Technical Consultation response

October- Submission portal open (guidance published; metrics available)

Mid-November – Early December- Provider briefing events


January- Deadline for submissions

February to May- Assessment period

May- TEF awards announced


If Switzerland is formally kicked out of Horizon 2020 after February 2017, there is fear that the consequences will see severe damage on their ability to attract leading researchers and, thus, weaken a nation that relies on innovation to maintain standards of living. What lessons does Switzerland hold for the UK post-Brexit? (THE). However ETH Zurich president has said the whole European research system would suffer if it no longer includes the UK and Switzerland. European research system ‘cannot afford’ to lose Swiss and UK elite (THE).

Oxford University

Oxford University’s intake of new students this autumn will have the highest proportion of state school pupils for at least 40 years. The university has offered 59.2% of places to pupils from state schools, up from 55.6% of places taken last year. Oxford University to have ‘most state school students for decades’ (BBC News).

Graduate jobs

The Association of Graduate Recruiters’ annual survey reveals that the number of graduate jobs on offer shrunk by nearly 8 per cent this year as employers reacted to Brexit and shifted their focus to apprenticeships. Graduate jobs market shrinks 8% after Brexit vote, survey says (THE).

 Brexit inquiry

On 8 September the EU External Affairs and EU Internal Market Sub-Committees will hold a joint double evidence session launching their new inquiry “Brexit: future trade between the UK and the EU”.  You will be able to watch the session live here.

Disabled students

The number of disabled students studying at HE providers is increasing year-on-year. In 2014-15 over 6,000 UK first-degree entrants were reported as having a mental health problem – an increase of 160 per cent since 2010-11. However, there are concerns around support for disabled students, as those with a disability were typically two to four percentage points less likely to be awarded a first or 2:1. Dismantling barriers to success for disabled students (HEFCE).