Congratulations to the AniM project on their European Commission article

Congratulations to the EU-funded AniM project, lead by Dr Jian Chang and Dr Jian Jun Zhang, for an article that has been written and published on the European Commission’s website.

The research project AniM – Enhanced Computer Animation by Fusing Computer Graphics Technology with Smart Data Management – aims to improve the status quo by developing the “next generation computer animation techniques” and to answer challenges in handling computer animation data in an intelligent way to facilitate creativity and to encourage interaction among users through knowledge transfer and development.

Hosted by the National Centre for Computer Animation, AniM’s research team has delivered smart solutions to tackle those data-management challenges in computer animation production, and improve both the designer and user experience.  AniM used Chinese marionette puppetry as a test medium to demonstrate the interactive software tools and other innovations to reproduce stylish cultural content in animated forms.

Click here to read The European Commission’s article Next-gen digital animation tools inspired by Chinese puppetry.

For more information, please contact either Dr Jian Jun Zhang ( or Dr Jian Chang ( via email.