Marine Cluster Supply Chain Analysis

This project focuses on the identification of the Poole and Dorset marine cluster:
First, localization and measurement of the cluster in Poole and Dorset (separately), with reference to a subset of industries and sectors.
Second, in-depth analysis of specific value chains that reach out to global (i.e. global value chains) or the national market with the aim of identifying the opportunity to involve a larger number of SMEs in the supply chain driven by local lead companies.

Part one of the study will assess the current business strengths of Poole and Dorset in selected industries. This will also provide information on the following aspects:
(a) Name of company
(b) Location
(c) Main activity and capabilities based on type of products and services.
(d) Number of employees and markets served.
(e) GVA contributions to Dorset generated by the Marine industry
(f) Jobs supported by the industry, including direct and indirect jobs
(g) The value of the turnover of the Marine industry.