EuropeAid Development & Cooperation Funding

EuropeAid is responsible for designing EU development policies and delivering aid through programmes and projects across the world. Funding is provided as a grant or a contract focusing on designing EU development policies; governance and human rights; human development; food and natural resources; economy and trade. Grants fall into two categories:
1. Grants for Actions: aim to achieve an objective that forms part of an external aid programme.
2. Operating Grants: finance the operating expenditure of an EU body that is pursuing an aim of general European interest or an objective that forms part of an EU policy

Grant calls can be found on the EuropeAid webpage. You can also perform a criteria-based search, using the ‘Advanced Search’ tab and subscribing to the RSS feed will ensure you are kept up to date of calls being released. Contracts are launched as procurements by an organisation wanting to purchase a service, goods or work Contract calls can also be found on the EuropeAid webpage or through a criteria based search, using the ‘Advanced Search’ tab.

Previously awarded grants and contracts can be viewed on this EuropeAid search page which should help familiarise you with the types of project funded.