Erasmus Mundus EM-iDEA events in March and July

This is an announcement for the second and third conferences organised by the Erasmus Mundus (EM) Action 3 project EM-iDEA, which will take place in, Lund (Sweden) on March 27th 2012 and Vilnius (Lithuania) on July 13th 2012

The aim of the EM-iDEA project is to bring together those working and interested in Erasmus Mundus projects to exchange and to prepare collective actions. These conferences are two of six regional conferences organised by the project. Three more will be held before July 2013 in Novi Sad, Valencia and Bordeaux. You will find information on the conference which was held in Ghent on the project’s website, where you will also find a newsletter.

You should consider attending one of the sessions if you are working on an existing joint programme of Erasmus Mundus or if you are preparing a new one, if you wish to meet people involved in the implementation of joint programmes or if you would like to participate in the creation of a structured network of professionals with experience in the development and implementation of joint programmes. Have a look and book your place now πŸ™‚