New wave of PhD students in the Psychology Research Centre

The postgraduate research community in Psychology has been growing over recent years in line with our expansion of staff and undergraduate students. We now have 17 PhD students in the research centre as we recently welcomed seven new students. We are pleased that our new PhD students have all received either studentships or scholarships to fund their work. These new research projects represent the disciplines of the psychology of health, cognition, and education, and highlight the varied application of psychology to advance both science and issues encountered in everyday life. We are really pleased to have these students join us and add to the research going on in Psychology. We have listed the students and their research interests below in case other members of staff have interests in common. If you do, and would like to find out more, please do contact the students or their supervisors.



Student Supervisors Funding Title
Natalia Adamczewska Dr Samuel Nyman

Prof Jonathan Parker (HSC)

Prof Peter Coleman (University of Southampton)


BU Vice-Chancellor fee-waive scholarship Psychological adjustment to accidental falls.
Anna Bobak Dr Sarah Bate

Dr Ben Parris

BU fully-funded studentship Face facts: Why face processing skills should be improved in forensic and national security settings. 
Simon Ferneyhough Dr Jane Elsley

Dr Andy Johnson

BU fully-funded studentship How does our ability to integrate objects and events change as we age?  
Abbey Laishley  Dr Julie Kirkby

Prof Simon Liversedge



BU fully-funded studentship Quantifying the role of working memory in efficient classroom performance 
Jessica Miller Dr Jan Wiener

Prof Siné McDougall


BU Vice-Chancellor fee-waive scholarship & funding from Army of Angels PTSD and Navigation.
Sophie Nicholls Dr Sarah Bate

Dr Ben Parris

BU Vice-Chancellor fee-waive scholarship Effects of Stochastic Sub-sensory Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation on Speed and Accuracy of Face Recognition: An Application to National Security and Forensic Settings. 
Michele Salvagno A/Prof Jacqui Taylor

Dr Milena Bobeva (BS)

Dr Maggie Hutchings (HSC)

BU fully-funded studentship (online education) The Highs and Lows of Ubiquitous Mobile Connectivity: towards a model for pedagogical delivery that supports the well-being of learners