Environmental Change & Biodiversity Research Theme seminar on Thursday!

The Environmental Change & Biodiversity Research Theme is holding its third and final seminar of the term on Thursday 13 December. The seminar will be held in Christchurch House CG13 at 1200. Tea and coffee and biscuits will be provided.

Kevin Wood will present some results from his PhD on mute swan-plant interactions in the River Frome. The swans are sometimes considered a pest, because when in large numbers can significantly depelte the amount of vegetation in such rivers with potential negetative effects on trout and salmon. The title of his talk is “Go with the flow: seasonal changes in water velocity determine foraging patch choice by mute swans”. The seminar will also be a chance for any new first year PhD students to present a few slides about their PhD, as was done by a few students in a previous seminar. Please let Richard Stillman know if you would like to present at an upcoming seminar.