Joint research theme meeting – Creative & Digital Economy / Entrepreneurship & Economic Growth

Staff are invited to attend a ‘joint’ meeting of the Creative & Digital Economies and Entrepreneurship & Economic Growth research themes. The idea behind the meeting is to cross-pollinate staff ideas and ensure that research themes do not become silos.

The meeting will take place on 26 June (12-2pm) in the EBC (EB705). The meeting will provide a useful platform to catch up on what’s happening within each of the themes. We would also like to hold a number of ‘elevator pitches’ from staff who have an idea(s) on funding applications or joint research papers and would like to work collaboratively with another member(s) of staff. For example, you may need a specific skill or have a gap in your knowledge to develop a funding application/paper – so here’s your chance to get some momentum into your idea. Each ‘pitch’ should last no more than 3 minutes (no powerpoint slides!).

If you have an idea and would like to pitch it to other staff, then please let Professor Dean Patton or Dr John Oliver beforehand.