Sodexo Partners with Bournemouth University and Montclair State University (USA) on menu labelling

Montclair State University (MSU) is working with Sodexo on an international menu-labelling collaboration. Dr. Charles Feldman of MSU, Dr. Heather Hartwell of Bournemouth University in England, and Sodexo at MSU are researching the effectiveness of menu-board icons in promoting healthy-meal selections by students. The findings from this research are helping Sodexo design computer-aided menus with helpful nutrient information.

Based on the research, a prototype ‘traffic light system’ has been implemented at MSU on paper menus, and on menu boards to help students determine healthy and unhealthy options – red meaning less healthy, green meaning healthy, and yellow meaning an “okay” choice.  Menus designed to promote good nutrition may have the potential to encourage healthier decisions through hidden persuaders, without restricting students’ freedom of dietary choice.

This research relationship has also resulted in student exchange and virtual interactive lectures between the two institutions. Both USA and UK cohorts are able to see and interact with each other throughout the lecture and can ask questions and debate current food topics as though they were in the same room. However, it isn’t all about work and our students are able to find out more about being at Montclair and were especially interested in the Fraternities and Sororities (fraternal social organizations for undergraduate students).

It is the second time that the School of Tourism has hosted such an activity and is certainly something that we hope to repeat in the future.