How to commercialise academic research

Want some expert advice on how the commercial research world works, and how academic insight is being used within it?


Call it a workshop, masterclass, training session. I’m not sure I really know the difference, but on Tuesday 10th June, 10am-12 in PG11 Stuart Armon is doing a session for BU staff on commercialising our research and translating academic thinking into industry insight etc. It’s what he’s done for the best part of the last 20 years and he’s very good at it. Stuart’s experience is in consumer research, so will be of particular value for those who research the broad areas of marketing, consumer behavior, branding, media and communications; but many of the lessons will also cross disciplines.


In the session, Stuart will cover:


–      The pressures commercial clients are under

–      The ways in which academic research is used

–      How to manage commercial clients expectations

–      How to present research in client friendly ways


If you are interested in attending then please just drop an email to Dan Jackson:


Stuart Armon has more than 20 years commercial experience working with agencies, brand owners and academia. In recent years he has championed the use of academic research in the commercial sector for organisations such as ITV, Channel 4, The Mirror Group, Toyota, CBS Outdoor and The Telegraph Media Group. In this time he has worked closely with the staff in the CMC academic group and the Creative Enterprise Bureau. He is now Practitioner in Residence for the CMC group.