New KTP call – Stratified Medicine!

Innovate UK have announced a new specific call for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) in Stratified Medicine.  Stratified medicine in this case means providing the right treatment, at the right time, to the right patient.  The specific call is part of a Stratified Medicine Innovation Platform that is funding a £50 million programme of research and development over five years.

Listed below are the main points for this call:

  • Innovate UK is investing up to £1million to establish new KTP in developing modelling approaches to support the use of stratified medicine in the UK – this is across bioinformatics, systems biology, health economics and analytical algorithms
  • The competition aims to help businesses to achieve access to modelling expertise that allows development of new diagnostic approaches and improves earlier evaluation of diagnostic products

Successful partnerships will enable businesses to advance a product for a stratified approach to treatment, requiring the use of new modelling systems that will either:

  • integrate healthcare and science data, to predict the likelihood of a product demonstrating the intended effect or value in a clinical setting, incorporating approaches such as systems biology or bioinformatics
  • provide innovative multi-parameter algorithms that enhance the predictive strength of a diagnostic test and allow commercialisation
  • provide innovative health economic models for products that will establish new clinical care pathways and allow product adoption
  • This competition aims to allow healthcare- related businesses to use KTP projects to access the modelling skills necessary to improve decision-making and the evaluation of diagnostic tests. This will allow for faster, more predictive and more accurate development of stratified medicine approaches.

Please note that out of scope are modelling approaches that:

  • Do not address a stratified approach to patient treatment
  • Are not related to the advancement of a potential product

There will be a briefing webinar at 13.00 on Thursday 19th February 2015, further information on this webinar can be found here.  Please note this webinar will be recorded and made available for future reference.

This call opens on 2nd March 2015 and closes on 18th November 2015.

If you have any comments or perhaps know of a company who might be interested in this call, please do let me know.  Rachel Clarke, KTP Officer – or 01202 961347.