Knowledge Transfer Partnerships – what’s in it for you? REF edition

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)…you may have heard this term before and wondered what they are?  Or maybe you’ve been part of one?  Regardless of your experience with KTP, the scheme is currently in it’s 40th year of operation.  That’s 40 years of government funding dedicated to collaboration between academia and business, 40 years of innovation and 40 years of successful relationships being built (and lasting!) between Universities and business resulting in stronger partnerships boosting both academic expertise and business productivity.

So, what’s so important about this scheme in terms of you?  If we look at it in terms of the REF, recently for REF2014, KTP featured in impact case studies from Universities all around the country.  A few examples of this include an impact case study from us at Bournemouth University, where a KTP with local company Morning Data provided an insight into the success of the project and the impact it had on the company.  A brief insight into this KTP can be found here and the full case study referencing the KTP can be found here.  Other examples of where KTP has informed a REF2014 impact case study is with the University of Teesside, where several KTP have been referenced in this impact case study.  The University of Bristol have also demonstrated the link between KTP and impact by highlighting a KTP in one of their impact case studies.

As we move to REF2020, impact is expected to continue to play a large part of the submissions and as such, KTP is a fantastic way to demonstrate impact from research.

If you would like to receive dedicated support for KTP from the Research and Knowledge Exchange Office, find out about the KTP Academic Development Scheme which is currently in recruitment.  For further information on this scheme or other KTP enquiries, please call Rachel Clarke, Knowledge Exchange Adviser (KTP) on 61347 or email;