An invitation to share my PhD research at University of Canterbury

by Samreen Ashraf – Postgraduate Researcher – Faculty of Management

After receiving funding from The Graduate School, I presented my paper at British Academy of Management Conference (BAM) held in Belfast last year.  As a result of my interaction at BAM, I was invited by the University of Canterbury to present my research to them. As a PhD student it was a great opportunity to disseminate my research. I am studying consumer multiple identities in the context of the banking industry. Although the concept of identity is studied through different academic lenses, in marketing studies, the concept has been acknowledged in relation to consumption decisions. However, in financial industry (most specifically banking) this topic is not given enough attention and there is a gap in understanding the implications of the concept especially in the context of consumer’s bank choice. My presentation was well received with constructive feedback from a range of academics with varied research backgrounds accompanied by some good networking opportunities. Not to mention the amazing Canterbury Cathedral, this was beautiful even on a freezing day.