Innovation Vouchers – scheme closing shortly


The deadline for Round 14 claims is 31 July 2016.

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the voucher offer, there will not be any extensions to the claim deadline and any claims submitted after the 31 July 2016 deadline will not be processed for payment. (All Round 14 voucher holders have been sent an information pack providing detailed information on the claim process.)

Any queries should be directed to our Customer Support Service at or 0300 321 4357.

 Future of Innovation Vouchers

This dedicated website will close shortly.

While Innovation Vouchers will remain part of Innovate UK’s suite of business support products and may be used in future, there are no current plans for future rounds.

Further details on current funding available from Innovate UK is available on  the website,

Check out Innovate UK – Delivery Plan 2016 – 2017 for more details on sectors and funding opportuntites.