Celebrating personal development – Postgraduate Development Award (PGDA)

In a blink of the eye the academic year has evaporated into the fabric of time. As we look back on a hectic year we saw the conclusion of the Postgraduate Development Award (PGDA) with the ceremony being held in the Student Centre on the 19 July 2016 to celebrate the 70 Master’s students who committed over a whopping 1400 hours to the award.

11 awards were also given out for exemplary performance on the award. These awards were given to those students who showed relentless attention to detail regarding the presentation of their development portfolios, outstanding time management, and vigorous reflective writing to strongly evidence personal and professional development.

Xiaohua Zheng, MSc International Risk Management and Finance student and Gold Award winnner, shared “This was one of the best ceremonies I have attended and I was very excited to receive my award. Completing the Postgraduate Development Award programme and all the activities has been a brilliant and unforgettable experience, and this was a great way to celebrate reaching our goal!”.

The PGDA offers students on postgraduate taught courses a range of activities which focus on research skills training, career management and transferable skills. There are also social opportunities encouraging students from all subject background to interact. At the start of the award, all students undertake a skills audit to identify their strengths and areas for development which is then used to focus their work and activities undertaken for the award to enhance their employability.

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PGDA Ceremony mix 2