New projects in the Student Project Bank w/c 30/01/2017

There are new projects in the Student Project Bank for the following subject areas:
  • Business, management and marketing
  • Health and social care
  • Media and communications
  • Sciences
  • Social studies
Projects are available to all undergraduate and postgraduate students at BU and can be used for their dissertation, assignment, unit or group work. Members of staff may also choose a project to set to their students. A complete list of projects is available here.

SPB036: Employee Engagement Globally: A research project based on Merlin Entertainments

Employee Engagement Globally: What engages different people globally, from different geographic regions to different personas and job types. How do they want to be recognised, and what does recognition mean to them? Research trends in engagement DRIVERs per geographic region, job role and persona, as well as recognition recommendations for different groups.

SPB037: Evaluate the effects of companion planting of Brassicas with Mint and/or Nasturtium

Set up and monitor a field trial exploring the effectiveness of companion planting of Brassica species with a mixed regime of Brassica and Mint and/or Nasturtium in reducing pest-related crop damage.

SPB038: Benefits of Assistance Dogs for Children with Autism and Down’s Syndrome

Research and document the benefits an assistance dog can provide to a child with Autism/Down’s Syndrome and provide theories as to why the benefits occur, financial benefits for the NHS, Education Authorities and Social Services. The objectives of the project are to increase understanding of why benefits occur, to document benefits achieved through the provision of an assistance dog, potential financial benefits for local communities and promoting greater understanding and inclusion of Autism and Down’s Syndrome.

SPB039: Social media marketing plan for QuietSphere Student Mentoring

Create a social media strategy aimed at university students and parents of university aged children/ university students in order to raise the profile of QuietSphere Student Mentoring.

SPB042: Promotional video for High Mead Community Farm

Create a 3-4 minute promotional video of High Mead Community Farm that will give the co-farmers, volunteers and staff an opportunity to share their stories of working on the farm. Capture the people, the animals and the land that make up the farm.

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