HSS Ignited by FHSS Research Seminar

Thank you very much to all who presented and attended the FHSS Research Seminar this Wednesday. It took a slightly different format with four presenters (Professor Alison McConnell, Associate Professor Carol Clark, Dr Jonny Branney and Dr Clare Killingback) sharing their research findings in short five minute slots using images, narratives, altmetrics, and Ignite style presentations (http://www.ignitetalks.io/).

It was great to have a bite-size selection of research topics which attracted an audience from across disciplines. It was a fun, friendly atmosphere which led to a lively discussion and buzz around current research.

We plan to run a similar session again so we’re looking for volunteers. If you are interested in getting involved please email Clare at: ckillingback@bounemouth.ac.uk

Many thanks to everyone.