Festival of Learning: Test your maths skills in Magic Land

Pedagogy and the way children learn are changing rapidly with the introduction of widely accessible computer technologies, from mobile apps to interactive educational games. Digital games have the direct impact on how children learn. By embedding learning supports through the widely accredited visual, auditory, reading, and kinesthetic (VARK) model,  digital games can offer a flexible learning environment for large-scale education that is beyond classrooms.

Professor Wen Tang and her team at the Centre for Games and Music Technology Research have developed three fun maths games to test your maths skills in the magic game land.

Come join our math game competitions with other families and children of similar age on Saturday 8th July, 11am-4pm to indulge your gaming skills.

1 MathRun is an infinite runner game to challenge your skills in dodging pumpkins, navigating rivers, collecting treasures and earning virtual currency.  With the ‘money’ in hand,  you can dress up your character and make her your favorite avatar. 2 Magic Land is a farming game that gives you chances to sell your magic potions brewed  from your own fruits and vegetables to the wizard of oz.  You must be clever, resourceful, and most of all BE PATIENT.

3 Game number three is our mystery game to keep you in suspense.

All images are creations of the Centre for Games and Music Technology & copyright to BU.