Ageing & Dementia Research Centre (ADRC)

The ADRC is the only cross faculty centre at BU that brings together expertise in the areas of ageing and dementia. The aim of ADRC is to use the team’s collective expertise to develop person-centred research which will improve the lives of older people with long-term conditions including dementia and their families.  The research falls under three broad categories – developing ageing & dementia friendly environments, nutrition & wellbeing and activity & social inclusion. The ADRC is led by Professor Jane Murphy, supported by staff and students from the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences and the Faculty of Science & Technology.

Current ADRC Membership:- 

Jane Murphy (Head), Michele Board (Deputy Leadership – HSS), Jan Wiener (Leadership – Sci-Tech), Ben Hicks (Deputy Leadership – Sci-Tech), Natalia Adamczewska (Post Doc), Michael Bracher, Michelle Heward (Post Doc), Joanne Holmes, Clare Killingback, Samuel Nyman, Sophie Smith, Ashley Spriggs, Elaina Conneely (Administrator).


Associate Members

Clare Cutler (Doctoral College), Janet Scammell (HSS), Shanti Shanker (Sci-Tech), Steve Trenoweth (HSS), Vanessa Heaslip (HSS), Christos Gatzidis (Sci-Tech), Bernhard Angele (Sci-Tech), Tula Brannelly (HSS), Swrajit Sarkar (HSS).



Yolanda Barrado- Martin (Sci-Tech), Iram Bibi (Sci-Tech), Sophie Bushell (HSS),Mary Duah-Owusu White (Sci-Tech), Mananya Podee (HSS), Vladislava Segen (Sci-Tech), Raysa El Zein (HSS).