Implementing service development in healthcare – an introduction to Normalization Process Theory (NPT) (video now available)

On 7th February 2018, BU’s Ageing and Dementia Research Centre (ADRC) hosted a half-day seminar exploring the principles and applications of NPT in healthcare implementation. The seminar was delivered by Dr. Mike Bracher (Post-doctoral Research Fellow, ADRC).

Video lectures from the seminar are now available.


Successful implementation of new processes, technologies, and service developments in healthcare depends not only on their effectiveness, but also how well they become a normalized as a routine part of practice. Understanding factors that may help or hinder implementation of service development is an important topic for practitioners and researchers working in healthcare. This seminar introduces Normalization Process Theory (NPT) – an approach to understanding implementation that has been used across a wide variety of areas in primary and secondary care, involving both mental and physical health services.

Session 1 video can be seen here.

Session 1: What is NPT? – this session introduces the constructs and components of the NPT framework, and explores their relationships.

Session 2 video can be seen here.

Session 2: Applications of NPT – in this session, we explore how NPT has been used in health services research, through general overview followed by more detailed discussion of three case examples.

The PowerPoint slides can be downloaded here.