Dr. Aryal participated in migration health workshop in Nepal

BU’s post-doctoral researcher Dr. Nirmal Aryal from FHSS has recently participated in the workshop ‘engendering research and reframing policy & public debate on migration & health’ in Kathmandu, Nepal (25-28 April). This workshop was part of the Strengthening Policy and Research Capacities (SPARC) on migration, rights and global health initiative, funded by the British Council. There were 22 participants from South Asia, South East Asia, and the UK.

This workshop was aimed at strengthening research capacities and skills and facilitating cross-cultural mentorship of early career researchers from both the UK and South/South East Asia to advance collaborative research agenda on migration, health and intersectional rights. The key speakers were Dr. Anuj Kapilashrami (Queen Mary University of London), Dr. Fatemeh Ahmadi (British Council), Dr. Ganesh Gurung (Nepal Institute of Development Studies), Dr. Jeevan Sharma (University of Edinburgh), Prof Jo Vearey (University of Witwatersrand, South Africa), Dr. Kolitha Wickramage (International Organization for Migration), Professor Emerita Patricia Jeffery (University of Edinburgh), and Dr. Radhika Chopra (University of Delhi). This workshop also provided an opportunity to discuss with participants from the UK and South/South East Asia on further collaboration on migration health research.

A policy forum on migration and health was also organized examining South Asian policyscapes with panelists from International Organization for Migration, Lancet Migration & Health Commissioners, and Ministry of Health, Nepal.

Earlier on mid-April, Dr. Aryal along with BU’s lecturer from FHSS Dr. Pramod Raj Regmi visited Malaysia for consultation meeting with migration health related stakeholders and Nepali migrant workers as Public Patient Involvement (PPI). These meetings were intended to discuss on risk factors for sudden nocturnal deaths and kidney health risk among Nepali migrant workers in Malaysia.

These activities further consolidate BU’s on-going effort on migration health related research, particularly on health issues of low-skilled labour migrants in the countries of Gulf and Malaysia and their left-behinds [1-13].


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