Visiting Postgraduate Researchers – Academic Mentor Roles and Responsibilities

Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs) visiting other Higher Education Institutions to undertake specific research as part of their research degree is a well-established practice across the sector. This is of benefit not only to the individual PGR, who is able to extend their research experience under the supervision of subject experts outside their own institution and undertake additional professional and personal development, but also helps to establish and enhance the academic links between Bournemouth University and other institutions which may lead to further collaborative research opportunities.


“Having a Visiting Postgraduate Researcher (VPGR) at Bournemouth University helped to further contribute to our Departments growing expertise base and cemented the Department and Faculty of Science and Technology as an internationally recognised and attractive place to study. The Visiting Postgraduate Researcher’s presence also enriched the Faculty’s current PGR community through the sharing of approaches and perspectives and helped to forge closer links between BU and colleagues from the VPGRs home institution”.

                                                              Academic, Faculty of Science and Technology


 All VPGRs will be allocated an individual mentor, within their specific subject discipline who will act as the key contact during their visit, encouraging the PGR to achieve their full potential, and to complete their research project within the allotted timescale. Following enrolment, the academic mentor should:

  • Play a key role in inducting the VPGR into the Faculty, including providing introductions to relevant staff and students in the department and informing the VPGRs of activities in which they might to wish to participate in (e.g. Departmental Seminar Series, Research Development Programme etc)
  • Have regular contact with the VPGR, at least on a monthly basis and record attendance on ResearchPAD. For VPGRs on a Student Route visa, academic mentors must ensure that engagement is recorded on ResearchPAD every 59 days to compile with Home Office regulations
  • Agree upon a clear set of aims and objectives for the VPGR for the period of their stay
  • Ensure that VPGRs are aware of BU regulations, specifically 8A Code of Practice for Research Degrees
  • Ensure VPGRs have completed all Bournemouth University Health and Safety Requirements.

Although the primary source of academic support will be the academic mentor, the Doctoral College and Faculty Postgraduate Research administrators are also there to support the VPGR throughout their time at BU. The Doctoral College is committed to inspiring and mentoring the postgraduate community at BU, including VPGRs, through its role in PGR Student Experience. In addition, the Doctoral College has the central role of overseeing the development, implementation and quality assurance of BU research degrees, including the provision for VPGRs. The Faculty Postgraduate Research Administrators are also an important source of administrative advice and support and will be a key contact throughout the VPGR period of study.

For further information on this scheme, please visit our page on the staff intranet. If you have a had an enquiry from a potential Visiting PGR, you can signpost them to the application page on our website.

If you have any further questions about the VPGR scheme please contact for new applications or the relevant faculty postgraduate research administration team for current VPGRs:



SciTech PGR Admin:

FMC PGR Admin: