New journal article: Applying psychotherapy concepts to physical activity interventions for older adults

Back in July 2021, I posted a blog detailing the outcomes of a qualitative study exploring how the LiveWell Dorset behaviour change service influences older adults’ physical activity behaviour, as part of the wider Active Ageing Evaluation project. One of the key findings of this study was that participants valued the social support they received from LiveWell Dorset coaches, and their kind, non-judgmental and empathetic manner.

Largely inspired by this finding, I have subsequently written a narrative review article, which puts forward the novel idea, with wider supporting evidence, that the nature of the relationship between professional and client, a concept drawn from the field of psychotherapy and known as therapeutic alliance, may be a vital and foundational element of effective PA interventions for older adults.

The article has just been published in Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, and can be found here.

– Andy Powell (Lead investigator, Active Ageing Evaluation project)