Important update – NIHR name change – 6th April 2022


The National Institute for Health Research changed its name yesterday (6th April 2022). To emphasise the enduring commitment to social care research, from today the NIHR will officially become the ‘National Institute for Health and Care Research’. The acronym ‘NIHR’ will remain unchanged.

This will bring them in line with the Department of Health and Social Care, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, Health and Care Research Wales and others.

Linked to this announcement are a range of investments and commitments to future work designed to deepen and broaden the range of social care research the NIHR supports.

  • An increase in spending of £5m a year has been dedicated to social care research, some of which will go towards funding an additional call run through the Research for Social Care programme. They will now be running two calls a year.
  • More good news – the RfSC will also start to fund research in the area of social care for children and young people, working in partnership with the Dept of Education.
  • There are also increases in funding to RfSC, HSDR and HTA for Social Care research.

Prof. Lucy Chappell, Chief Executive of the NIHR, said:

“It is our hope that today’s name change will inspire not just current and future generations of social care researchers, whose talent and expertise can revolutionise the social care sector, but also people who need care and support, carers, the public and those working in social care. The involvement of all these groups will be key to getting the right research to the right places in the right way.”

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