MINE Research Cluster’s Opening Event

In the afternoon of 16 November 2022, the Multimodal-Immersive NEuro-sensing (MINE) Research Cluster hosted a successful Cluster Opening event. This friendly event was the first time the Cluster showcased its research activities since they set up the lab space in May 2022.

At the event, Dr Xun He, Prof Fred Charles, and Dr Ellen Seiss gave three short talks and answered questions from the audience. Xun gave a brief introduction to the MINE research concept and the Cluster, then reported some interesting findings from an on-going immersive neuroscience research project about embodied perception of social interactions. Fred then presented several virtual reality (VR) projects carried out by the Cluster and our brain-computer interface (neurofeedback and affective storytelling) research. Ellen’s talk summarised the Cluster’s collaborative research with our industry partner Emteq Labs. This research direction uses VR and integrated physiological measures to detect users’ emotion states.

The audience showed great interest and engaged in lively discussion with the team. After the talks, some guests visited the Cluster and experienced our research setups. This cluster opening event attracted nearly 50 people including external guests from NHS, charity, industry, and higher education. Some guests stayed for two more hours after the planned event time, apparently having enjoyed the conversation to the full. We would like to thank all guests for their interest and comments.

If you are interested in our research, please visit our website at www.bournemouth.ac.uk/mine/. The MINE Cluster is also working with BU’s Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Research Centre (INRC) to organise a research symposium in January 2023. More information will follow nearer the time. Please keep track of our activities. We hope to see you all again very soon!

Update (24/11/2022): this is the blog post providing details of the INRC Symposium on 16 January 2023 (9.15am – 1pm). Please have a look if you are interested!